Saturday, 14 September 2013

Bear Paw @ SS15

Just the other day Wee and I decided to go around SS15 for lunch, despite the knowledge that we would probably have a hard time finding a parking there. So off we went! We wanted to try something which we have not tried before.
Hence, while there were other ' safe bets' we could've taken, we decided to risk it. Yes, risk our taste buds for the sake of trying something different.
After almost an hour looking for parking, we finally got to our senses and came up with a brilliant solution.

Double park.

Most of you guys would've probably notice a new shop plopped up at the front row of ss15, due to the fact that this particular shop's signboard was a bright red, with the huge words "Bear Paw" scrawled all over it.

Photo credits to johntanyuehan

It was quite a tiny shop and when I went in, I realised this was another Taiwanese-concept franchise. Taiwanese street-food is pretty common these days in Malaysia, as more and more of it are opening in shopping complexes and not to mention, SS15 itself. I don't know about you guys, but every Taiwan street-food store which I've encountered would have this huge, fried chicken fillet, also known as the XXL chicken. Therefore, it's another entirely different thing if it tastes nice.

Back at the place, their menu was pretty straightforward as it was supposed to be a snack shop afterall. You can choose whether you would like to eat their burger or rice. Both with the choice of their version of the fried chicken fillet, or fish.

This is basically the 'burger menu'.
There are three different kinds of bun: Milk, Brown Sugar and Whole Wheat. 
Their specialty is the Milk bun though.
After that, you can choose between chicken or fish for the patty.
And a whole load of sauces.

This is Wee.

 Happy couple enjoying their meal.
Lol I wasn't stalking them btw.

 What we both ordered.

 This was my exact order.
Yes I decided to go with the brown sugar bun, because I loved the colour of it!
The colour of chocolate heh.

Mine :)

 Wee ordered his with a Yakult drink.
Apparently Yakult is rather popular in Taiwan as they had a variety of flavours here for you to choose from.

Wee's milk bun with honey mustard.


I loved the bun as it had an interesting twist to it. Instead of normal burger kinda buns, theirs were actually made from Pao dough. So the texture of it was really fluffy and it even had a little bit of chewiness to it. The chicken patty was pretty good as well, since it was actually a real chicken fillet with chicken meat, and not the type of patty where you don't even know whether it's chicken... Or actually flour.

The service was rather slow, as we were one of the only three tables present but the burger took like more than 10 minutes to arrive. Considering that the burger was pre-made and wrapped in plastic.

However, what literally ruined any good taste of my burger was how the staff decided to drown both our burgers in our sauces. I don't even know why.

This would be a very good time to be stingy, but they chose to practically dump their entire stock of sauce into our burgers. That explains why I couldn't take out the entire burger from the plastic, because if I did... I think my table would've have been soaked.
On top of that, their terriyaki sauce tasted NOTHING like terriyaki sauce at all.
It tasted like brown sugared-sauce. I could smell the disturbing smell of overloaded brown sugar the whole time eating it.

The funny thing was, my brown sugar bun did not smell of it at all. Well thank God it didn't, I think I had my fair share of it already after tasting the sauce.

I don't mean to be anal about this overload-sauce-problem, but you gotta admit that when the smell of it sticks with you throughout the entire day even after washing your hands with soap, you just won't feel very peachy.
At all.

Wee's face explains everything.
Worse part was, he ordered Honey Mustard.
So his burger was super sour LOL!
I know I shouldn't laugh at other people's misfortune.... but his face was just priceless!

The price for one burger is RM9.90, and yes it is certainly quite expensive, since the burger's size was small to me.
Overall, no offence but I felt it was just another typical Taiwanese concept street-food joint. 

However if you do wanna give this cute burger a try, head on down to SS15. It's the same row as McD, so it's pretty easy to spot.
Their exact address is:
No. 78 (Ground Floor), Jalan SS 15/4D, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Business Hours: 10am-11pm everyday
Tel: 03 5611 6202

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