Sunday, 22 September 2013

Hangout Session @ Nutmeg, Bangsar

So after all the drama and nerves in PA class, my friend had the most brilliant idea to go to Bangsar for lunchie :D So off we went! This time we decided to try this place in Bangsar Village called Nutmeg.

The place was well decorated and looked lovely to be dining in. It's litted up with yellow lights making the entire atmosphere feel warm for the people here.

Their service was rather efficient as we were attended to immediately when we got there. 

Just a sneak peak of how their menu is like.

And our food finally arrived!

 Wee ordered the Gravlax Sampler Platter which featured their Salmon in different "styles". RM23
Their house-cured selection were Original, Smoked Paprika and Lemon Grass & Beetroot.
So he got to try all three types of Salmon.

Wee scolding me for taking pictures? LOL (sorry totally unrelated)

 Evangelina ordered their Eggs Benedict. RM 26
The meat beneath the egg was nice and so was the salad at the side.
Instead of using typical salad dressings on it which are usually creamy or oily, they used something else really special.
It tasted faintly of jam, which had a little bit of tanginess to it making it really appetizing after a heavy meal. 
However, the eggs were just... idk none of us liked it.
And I can't give any comment on it either since I have never really tried a genuinely good Egg Benedict before.

 Ajer decided to try their Southern Fried Breakfast. RM 26
Kudos to the potatoes at the side and also the unique salad (again).
The chicken was abit too oily as you can see.
It looks oilier than KFC plus it also looked rather burnt.
The taste was surprisingly simply delicious though, so no hard feelings on it :D

 I decided to give their Big Breakfast a try. RM 28
Partially cuz I was starving at that time.
I chose beef, mac & cheese and scrambled eggs for my set.
And I was very surprised when I found out how my eggs and Mac & Cheese looked like.
The eggs looked like mashed potato. 
It's the yellow-looking cream which is on top of the sausage in my picture.

 This was their Mac & Cheese.
I know right. Nothing like the good ol' Mac & cheese.
I got the shock of my life.
Apparently they stuffed the macaroni inside this little fried batter.
It's really creative of them ... but to be honest, it tasted like eating plain fried dough with no hint of cheese at all :/

 Papaya cake. RM 12
Nope you did not read it wrongly.
This had quite an exotic taste to it, with a blend of carrot, cinnamon, maybe a little bit of orange or lemon rind, and grated coconut sprinkled on top.
Two of my friends liked it's taste but my other friend thought it was weird.
I felt the cake itself tasted more like a carrot cake. 
What made it unique was the cream on top and in between the cake.
The texture of the cake is pretty good though, not too dense or dry :)

 This is definitely more for the adventurous.

In a nutshell the food was ok.. Except anything that had to do with eggs or macaroni. So I highly recommend people to not order their sets with anything to do with eggs. Unless if you're curious of course. All our egg dishes turned out super watery.

Would I return again?
Maybe not. 
The price is quite costly as you can see. 
Plus the portion is small and most of the food is above RM 20.
However their desserts and cakes are definitely worth a try if the price isn't a problem for you :)

How to locate this restaurant?

It's on the Upper Ground Floor in Bangsar Village 2.

The exact address:
UGF-28A, Bangsar Village 2,
No. 2, Jalan Telawi 1,
Bangsar Baru.
5911 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 03-2201 3883
Fax : 03-2202 3662

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