Tuesday, 3 September 2013

College Blues

Say cheese.

Today was the first day of college and I'm feeling so thankful for the wifi there. I finally got to upload all the pictures that I took for everybody in the Philippines. Yes finally. Like a month later.
Though I went all the way to college only for one class, I guess it was worth the drive after all since I even managed to bump into a few friends I haven't seen for a year now already!

Anyways just a short post on today's ootd. I think I mentioned this before many times in my previous posts that the only reason I look forward to going college, or anywhere but home for that matter, is because I get to dress up. Lol I sound like some bimbo sia.

But trust me, if you haven't been to college yet, dressing up in the morning can either be the best or worse experience for you. So make the best out of it! Sure I still have my worse days, where I would feel that I have nothing to wear though my entire wardrobe is full of.. stuff.
However instead of staring at your wardrobe for half an hour telling yourself there's nothing, thinking of what you FEEL like wearing can sometimes be a good idea.

When I say feel, I don't mean you putting back on your pajamas and wearing that out because you feel like going back to bed.

What I meant was, expressing yourself. Wearing bright coloured clothes when you feel happy, or even an ugly shirt with an angry quote if you feel like you don't give a shit anymore.
Ok maybe the latter wasn't a good example.

I guess the best part of dressing up is exactly this. Expressing.

Yesh today was just a really casual day for me. 
The feeling I had today was called: lazy-but-don't-care-still-wanna-look-fabulous meh --"
 Top from Fblock, High-waisted shorts from Manila.

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