Sunday, 8 September 2013

Welcome To My Life

When I rolled out of bed this Saturday morning at 5.30 am, I thought to myself : Why do you do this to yourself?? It's a Saturday and the rest of my family were still asleep, dreaming precious dreams. Even my dogs were probably still stretched out in their little kennel outside sleeping soundly.

Of everybody, I had to be the one awake, preparing for class at this hour of the morning when even the sun had not risen yet. So I dragged my time, staring at my mirror, staring at my closet, staring at the sink, and most of all, staring at my bed. Wondering if I should just skip this class and call it quits, just for 5 more hours of sleep. Good ol' sweet sleep.

Finally after half an hour of wasting time, my willpower managed to get the better of me and sent me dressed and fed, straight to my car. 

Today's class was probably something I'd never expect to have in my entire life, present and future.
My subject for this class was none other than Performing Arts. And guess what we did there for two hours?

WE DANCED. Best class EVAAA.

The lecturer, or should I say the trainer, was this really cool and hip lady. She looked astonishingly young for her age and I guess her job played a big role on that aspect of youthfulness. She said Performing Arts was her passion and seriously, I've never seen a lecturer that passionate about his/her job before, to the point she joined us in dancing too.

We were first asked tot just bust some moves and follow the music. 

And that was exactly what I did. I really love to dance lol. Especially in circumstances where everybody is too busy to mind others because they're caught up in their own world dancing as well.

I'm really fine when nobody's watching, but when there's a crowd staring at you and you know you're unprepared... Not so much.

The next task was probably what made me feel like an idiot. The trainer gave us 10 minutes to try to come up with something or add on to the basic moves she taught us for a song.

In the entire 10 minutes which felt more like 5 minutes, we were so caught up in trying to figure out what to add to make thee basic moves special until we forgot to run it through.

Guess what happened. All of us forgotten the moves. 
Worse part is, it's a group presentation so you cant just free style and improvise what you forgotten. If you forgot, well, that's what you'd probably have to look like for the entire dance.

If there's one thing that sums up everything I'm not, it's that I'm a slow learner.
There you go. HA. HA. HA.
Feeling flabbergasted now?

I should stop telling the world my weaknesses seriously. *Tak tau malu.*

So the entire presentation throughout, I practically looked like a short and stout tree stump trying to shake my branches. Worse part was, the trainer said that this little 'performance' is where all of us should look out for those who can dance, which will be useful when looking for group mates. Hence, I just emitted a bloody strong signal saying: Unless you have a character called the Tree, don't pick me. 

Nobody is gonna pick me now :( 
Love to dance, but can't bust a move without making every living creature watching laugh.

Let's just move on from another one of my tragic life story. Few days back was my sissie's birthday. We had just a small celebration at home, but home is where the food's best! 

  Look at the prawnssss.
So huge.
It's called Sea Tiger Prawns apparently.

Marinated with mozarella cheese and some spices.

 This is how big the prawn is (if my mum hadn't slit its back).

My pretty sis.
 Yes she's the complete opposite of me: Tall, fair, pretty, skinny etc.
So I can never stand in the same picture as her without looking like I just came back from my part-time job as a dwarf from Snow White. 

Some pictures I took few days ago for OOTD lol.
My latest obsession has been exactly this, taking pictures for an ootd collection.

 I like the blouse. 
Makes me feel like I still have hope in looking like a girl.


Finally internet connection.
 Posting this at this open house I'm attending.
Ngehehe another tak tau malu moment.

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