Thursday, 12 September 2013

A Day With Parkour

Anyways I kinda spent Merdeka day learning parkour from this Parkour Association called Team Ascend with a bunch of friends. Mainly we were supposed to interview them and get their story, but we figured.. What other better way is there to do that than being part of their class?? :D

So off we went, warming up for the first hour with Daniel and then doing the real thing in the next with Marcus. 

The lovely photographers :)

I would say it was pretty exhausting running about the park like that just for fitness purposes. Luckily, I go to the gym quite regularly or else I would have died of exhaustion halfway when everybody was leaping like frogs from one corner to another. 

The second hour when we finally got to learn a few parkour moves, I was already on my knees begging for mercy. And water.

 How a proper L sit looks like.

How mine looks like.
I know you must be thinking... 'Budak ni balik la, nenek ku pun lagi kuat!'
But this was not my best position I assure you.
The camera missed it haha.

Look at all the guys. 
Cool sia.

Regardless of my pitiful condition, I still continued on because I told myself the day before that my main purpose of going personally, was to learn some parkour moves so I can show off to all the other guys who don't know shit about about parkour later on hehe.

The first few moves Marcus taught us were called Step Vaults and Lazy Vaults, in Parkour vocab. All we had to do was to use one hand to hold the divider/fence, put foot on the other side of the divider/fence and swing the rest of our body across. That was called Step Vaults.

Lazy vaults, as the name suggests, is just using one hand to hold the divider/fence and then straight away swinging both legs across without stepping first. Lol why am I even explaining this, most people who are parkour illiterate (like me) would probably not be able to understand wth I'm crapping about.

We didn't take any pictures of us vaulting so here's something off the Net.

Look. At. The. Way. He. Moves.
Like a monkey! So swift!

After the vaults, we felt like we levelled-up when Marcus brought us to the huge piece of wall where the rest of the big boys were training. He taught us how to do a Wall Pass and Cat leaps. The goal of these two moves was to practically just get on top of the wall.

And that was when I got too carried away and scraped my leg. OUCH. The worst part was, I was hanging on the wall and just about to reach the top. Until my foot slipped. And tada. Blood everywhere.

Alright I was just exaggerating. It only started bleeding after awhile. Plus, since nobody seemed to be examining their tiny cuts and injuries, I had to suck it in and pretend like it was nothing

"Yea no biggie. It's a coincidence none of my sensory organs there seem to be alive"

I think this was me limping after that unfortunate event.

Just when I was about to forget it was ever there, a fly started flying around my legs. It landed on my wound. 
I was so paranoid when I tried to shoo it away but nothing would make it budge. I wounded up having to brush my wound every three seconds.

Yes BRUSH my bloody wound with my bare fingers for every three seconds because that anus of a fly wouldn't leave me alone.

My face says it all.
Looking like shit after everything.

If it was mutualism, I would have had no grudges on it staying there. 

This relationship between my leg and the fly went on till it started raining. I was like "hey no more fly! YESHHHH!" And then I realised a bigger problem. How was I supposed to not get wet by reaching the LRT.

As a result, my friends and I ended up having to run under the rain which did not seem to show any signs of stopping. While I ran, I felt the water gushing up on to my wound, sending a burning sensation through my veins. Oh well.

What can I say. #BadLuckIvena strikes again.

Now, I'll just have to wonder whether it will completely heal or leave a mark on my poor leg.

 Shit happens.

Despite my bad luck and all my quibbles, parkour is really quite fun. Especially when you get to do it in a gym, where injuries can be prevented from happening frequently. 

I'm not sure though whether to continue and go for their classes on Friday, cuz it will depend on my college hours now that classes are starting again :/ So many things I wanna pursue, so little time. Sigh. Before I know it, I'll probably be an old hag waiting for my grandchildren to come and visit me.

Scares me to death when I think about the future.

"Today's a gift, that's why it's called the present."

Anyways, our article will be out tomorrow on Star 2 so....BUY THE STAR NEWSPAPER!!! :D
Just to read the article heh.
Of course it's to also read about what's going on in Malaysia and the world la. 

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