Sunday, 22 September 2013


IT'S FINALLY SATURDAY!  :DD Yep it is. And there's no one in the world happier than I am after the long anticipation for a Saturday. I still had to go for class today... But unexpectedly, Saturday classes have been the only classes I have been actually looking forward to lately.
Today all of us had to perform a song that will be graded by our lecturer though. Super nerve-wrecking.
Especially when my partner and I realised that we were gonna be the last team performing. 

And you know what they say... Save the best for the last. 

That's why it got even more intense for us. We somehow felt we had to live up to this "expectation" or "stereotype" placed on our shoulders the moment we knew we were the final team to perform. The worst part was that my third team member couldn't make it to class today, which left us the responsibility to pull on her weight as well. Due to that, we couldn't harmonise this song anymore like how we did last week :(

I wasn't too excited about the fact that since I have one person less in the group, my voice cannot be hidden behind the shadows of that extra voice anymore. If there's one thing I learned the hard way, it would definitely this: That I can't sing. My voice is really nasal. I sound like a duck whenever I sung in the past. I only realised that when a kind soul decided to tell me one day. And that changed my view on singing.

 From that day onwards I tried my best to stay away from singing. Unless it's a karaoke session where everyone can pretend like we are all Screamo band members. That was.. till now when I finally had to sing again.

I didn't care about my voice during the entire performance. Instead, I tried to feel the song as the lyrics tumbled out my tongue. I guess I only got the courage to do this when I realised that my entire class was going through the same thing as me. Especially when I saw the way they expressed their songs while singing it. It really was like a hard push on my back, telling me to step up and not be afraid.

But seriously, praise the LORD for carrying us through! I felt a surge of relief when I remembered all the lyrics to the song... which was practically near impossible as we even had bummers and tripped on some parts of the lyrics at the last practice before this performance. Phew. 

Ootd haha. 
"Dress like a pop star" my darling lecturer said.
And well... I tried.

My awesome classmates :))

Le pretty Evangelina and me.
I feel so intimidated by her beauty! 
So fair and slim. Definition of perfection.
Haha :)

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