Saturday, 28 September 2013

Lunch at a Grocery Store & OOTD

After assignments and more assignments piling up recently this week, even the happiest kid on earth would be close to tears and on bended knees, just being in my shoes for a day.

Alright the situation is not that bad. Yet. But I foresee a very busy semester ahead though I only have 4 subjects currently.

So just to brighten my day, I went to Empire today with le bestie! It's pretty near and this place is becoming like a 'mini Bangsar', with many delicious food all under the same roof :) It's the best place in Subang for a selection of good food with a pleasant ambience honestly.

But instead of going to a restaurant, guess where we had our lunch. Jaya Grocer!
Alot of people have probably come to know about this place already throughout the few years Empire Shopping Mall have been opened. It's getting more and more crowded everytime I go there now.

Well what is there exactly to eat in a grocery store you may ask.
Plenty I'd say.

You can choose between Jap, Italian and Western food here. You can choose anything from the menu or even pick your own meats from the poultry section they have at the corner, and ask the chefs there to cook it for you.

Sounds amazing enough? 
I mean how often can you know the state of your meat before it is served to you, cooked and drenched in gravy? Not often enough.

Furthermore, eating out these days can be quite a health hazard especially when customers are served 'overnight food' without their knowledge. Or perhaps even frozen food that has been in the kitchen's freezer for over half a year. Ok I'm exaggerating a little but it is possible that certain places can serve you these kinda food. 

Therefore, it's really something when you can see your food not only during the after process, but even before as well. 

What we chose.
No edits :) 
 Cooking charges are just an additional RM4, and not to mention, you get to choose from three sides to complement your meat: pasta, garden salad or grilled vegetables.
So do the math ;D

 My lamb leg steak served with grilled vegetables.
A scrumptious combination served tastefully.

 Le bestie's Rib Eye steak with a side of garden salad.
The juiciness and tenderness of the meat was retained, leaving us to want more even after the last bite.

Pardon the pictures, we took it in a such a rush because all we could think of at that moment was eating.
Nom nom nom.
This huge portion only costed us about RM15.
 The gravy was slightly lacking in flavour but the chicken was well marinated and tasty.
Certainly recommended for those who wish to have a hearty and filling meal :)

Hazelnut Roche at Serai.
This was just amazing.
And it came with a price. 
RM17 with tax and service charge included.
It was even more expensive than the roasted chicken we had.



 Playsuit and Zara inspired Pointed Toe Heels.
It's my one and only college bag so yea, I don't have a choice :P

I just had to LOL.

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