Thursday, 26 September 2013

Piece of Empty Paper

I know I shouldn't be blogging because of the pile of undone work left on my table. But I'm feeling really tensed now and just letting it out here makes me feel a little better. Just the thought of the work I'm supposed to be finishing now (yep right at this moment), makes me feel tired already.

Why do I get stressed out so easily --

I guess I'm just naturally a worrier :( And the funniest part about being a worrier is that when I worry too much, I tend to just leave everything I was worrying about - homework and assignments, undone and go to sleep... Which leaves things in a more, let's just say, severe state. I like avoiding stuff heh.

Who knows, maybe I've a secret talent in dodgeball, just waiting to be discovered by the world.

Anyways just a few OOTDs. Haven't gotten the chance to go anywhere interesting since Saturday.. So it's been college college and more college. And for me it's been quite a dread to attend classes or even dress up for it since out of 6 days of classes, I have to come for 4 of those days all the way from Shah Alam just for one friggin class, and then drive back all the way home.

The thing that bothers me the most is that petrol is even more expensive now and the University can do this to their students. Even if we appeal, not everyone can get the change of classes they'd want. 

Money doesn't come easy ya know. 
*chey wise words from me* 

 I know I posted this on Insta such a long time ago, but better late than never here eh? ;D

 I love my boots. 
I got it from Agape Boutique, an online shop, btw :) 
And my top and bottom was from my trip to Philippines :))

Been loving muscle tees alot.
They just look so cool.
Most of mine are cut from old tshirts, including this one.
That's why it looks super old. (lol not sure that's a good or bad thing)

 Hurhurhur say hi to my ugly face.

Ok gotta start doing my long-procrastinated-work now :D

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