Saturday, 26 October 2013

Outfit Post

ACDC Top & Leather Skater Skirt from Times Square, both RM 25
Ankle Boots from Summit RM 33
Checkered Bag from Manila RM 15

Did I just make you LOL all the way? xD
Cheap clothes are good especially for mixing and matching.
Well actually you can find pretty good stuff in Times Square.
Sure, you'd probably say that the stuff there are really bad quality with bad sewing and all.
But I'd say that some clothes in Cotton On has really bad sewing as well, considering the price you pay for it, sometimes even without discount.
You just have to leaf through the stuff in Times Square carefully and you'll definitely find treasures there ;D 
Not everything is bad.
I know alot of my friends who always come back empty handed from Times Square because they said there was nothing nice at all.
The key is patience :)
Yes shopping needs patience too!

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