Saturday, 12 October 2013

Every Kiss & Every Hug~

Bad luck has been striking me countless times recently till I gave up trying to count. Gah.

It's like I feel everything I've put so much effort in doing lately turned out to be unnecessary and not needed after that. I lost sleep and gained dark rings under my eyes for this article aside my college assignments and I ended up finding out that others have already done an article for that particular topic. I even rushed to the venue though I was so tired after having to wake up at 5.30am continuously every Thursday to Saturday.

And then one of my college assignments required me to trace a picture on Illustrator. So fine. I did it. No complaints. But then when I saved my work, Adobe crashed on me and only gave me one option after telling me it has crashed : Close Program.

I mean I don't get people sometimes. If you're gonna create an error message for a software, don't even bother to put a button underneath the message unless you are gonna give users a choice la -.-
It's like you might as well just skip that stupid message altogether and let it crash straight (without having to waste anybody's time) since the user would have to press the only button on the screen anyway.

So I redid the entire thing and this time I was smarter by trying to save the project before I did anything at all first.This is to test whether the software's condition is stable or not.  Finally, what truly made me crack was the third day using it. Just when I decided I wanted to finish tracing the picture on that day, the entire software couldn't be opened at all. It just kept on crashing.. without my help. This was until one night before the submission dare.

Long story short, I came to college early in the morning on the due day and rushed it like cray. I managed to finish it at around 1.30pm plus and I was so happy.

My end result :')
There are lotsa flaws if you compare it to the original one cuz I was really rushing.
But I'm still glad I managed to finish it on time.. or God knows what my lecturer would've done to my grades.
My friends told me my Gundam looked gay though --"
I guess cuz I got abit carried away with the colours on the top part? LOL

 My fateful friend who waited for me till I finished everything while watching some Korean game show. ^^

We both tried to act cool.
Macam yes tapi no. *sigh*

The Other Day

Decided to wear this patterned Kimono again, this time with a sportier look?
So instead of wearing sophisticated shoes like ankle boots, I paired it with this high top converse.


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