Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Loving Your Pet

Nickey :)

I haven't gotten the chance to write alot here lately because of everything that has happened. So far, if anybody noticed, my life has been revolving around college, my family and my dogs.
Yea so imagine the trauma I got when Nickey, my dog who has been with me for 14 years, kept having brown fluid coming out of his right ear. It was blood.

The worse part was, he had no appetite to eat or even walk with that much of discomfort going on in his ears. So I decided to try and help him clean it up so that he won't feel that much irritated by it. As I was trying to wipe all the brown stuff on his ear clean, I saw fly eggs stuck on his blood drenched fur.

I got really worried when I saw that.... because if you don't already know... The fly's eggs will hatch into maggots. And maggots are just not a good sign because they only appear on things that were rotting. So this meant that my dog's ears were rotting away...

My baby in better times.

I decided to really beg my dad to bring my dog to the vet this time as it was getting really serious. Every day after wiping the eggs away, more will appear the next day and so on. It was never ending and I really feared for my dog's life.

Finally my dad agreed and also told me to prepare myself for whatever that will happen to my dog there. Well yes I didn't want to let my dog go at first, but then I realised how much he was suffering and how unfair it would be for him to stay with me in this state just for the sake of my selfishness. He has been my companion for 14 years now and what more could I ask for?

My poor doggie while waiting for his turn.

I guess you can say that my heart was prepared with the knowledge of never being able to see my darling dog again after the trip to the vet.

When we reached the vet, I sensed that Nickey did not want to go in. However, he was too weak to put up a fight with me and finally gave in as he lifted his heavy legs and entered the vet with me. He looked around and then he peed on the floor. 

Lol I thought that was really cute of him haha. He was always the timid one even since a pup. This brought back memories of his younger days on how he was so afraid of the sound of lightning and thunder that he would always try to sit as close to my main door as possible, hoping that we would open it and that he'd have a chance to squeeze in. Sometimes he'd even whine and scratch our door if the thunder was too loud.

Yet, everybody in the vet looked at him understandingly as if they could relate. Maybe they could. I don't know. 

Finally it was Nickey's turn. The veterinarians checked his ears and told us that indeed his ear was infested with maggots. I really pitied him because instead of how other dogs can get an injection so that they will fall asleep during this procedure, Nickey was too old for it. So the veterinarians had to extract the maggots while he was fully conscious. 

The maggots were never ending. And as my dog barked in pain for the first time in months, we had no choice but to just stand and watch him at the side in this condition.There so many of them maggots I was worried how many more could there be inside his ear.

After everything we decided to get him groomed as well because his fur was all tangled and we really didn't know how to shower for him since he was so weak to even stand properly.

So skinny without his beautiful fur coat :(

Had to shave his fur off because of all the blood and fluid clogged on his fur :(

Thank God we brought him to the vet before it was too late. We suspect there are still some maggots in his ear as he still had some blood coming out from his ears. It was not as much as before but we will bring him to the vet again this Saturday for another check up just to be sure.

I decided to do a post on pets today because I've seen far too many pets who are being neglected lately. And far too many people who don't give a damn about it.

To those who have pets, please don't neglect your furry/ not-so-furry animals especially when you sense something wrong with them. As owners of another living creature, it is sure as hell important to make sure that you can provide for their needs, not only in good times but also in bad times. Dumping them at the side of the road just because you think they will die soon anyway is definitely the lowliest thing a well educated person can do.

The responsibility is great and it weighs upon your shoulders. I've seen dogs who have not been given enough love and care that the dog actually became depressed. It was my ex-neighbour's dog, but that will be a story for another day. Not only us humans can feel depression, animals can get it too.

The only difference is that animals can't say a thing.

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