Saturday, 19 October 2013

ChurpOut 2013 & RAGE Against Bullying

Today was the date where most people would've set aside months ago for the much anticipated, ChurpOut 2013! Just in case this is the first time you've heard of this event (like me lol), it's actually a street fair organized by ChurpChurp, a community for Social Media Influencers, at Setia City Mall.

Previously their ChurpOut events were only for ''Churpers and Churpettes'', however this year they decided to be really generous and opened it up for everyone. This time round it was a street fair which included fashion, food, games, charity and many more.

This event was definitely the cutest I've seen. They had these cute little (or maybe not so little) Doof bags in the middle of the field I tell you!

And you can even stand a chance to bring back one if you take part in one of their competitions in the evening.
How cool is that.

So today I went there for working purposes. I was in support of the Star Rage's Anti Bullying Campaign which they erected a booth here.

But the best part about it was, we got to go around and talk to people, informing them about this campaign and taking pictures of them with their pledges. I mean it's for a really good cause, and I just felt that we needed all the support we could get to make our country aware of how big an impact bullying can give to victims.

This is the can-I-stop-smiling-now pose.

Mammee Monster is against bullying as well

Anyways, we were so blessed as our booth was placed right next to this new Korean fried chicken booth in town, called KyoChon! SUPER YUMMY! Plus the line was really long, I was amazed our turn even came for us to order.
 Can you believe that they even had Super Junior to 'approve' them as well??
Pictures of Super Junior were all over the paper bags which contained our chicken.
Kpop fans see also happy, eat also happy.

Close enough.
I got this from Google though cuz I forgotten to take picture of my bag before it went missing :(

If you don't believe me, here's a picture of all of them holding up their fried chickens LOL.
Credits: Google

 And they even provided plastic gloves to protect your delicate hands from getting sticky and oily!

The infamous Ian Yee.

They had so many things there, from a photo booth where people can get 2 photo strips for free and even long list of blogshops for fashion lovers to venture into.

Hmm Reverse Bungee Jumping anyone?
Instead of throwing you down, they throw you up up in the sky.

The middle of the field was also where they had all of the main performances/highlights of the day.
Cheer Aces came and they did a stunning performance, tossing and spinning the flyers so high it will make literally make your jaw drop in awe.

The art of Fashion Graffiti revealed.
The model's dress which was inspired by the Hunger Games's Katniss, before getting spray painted by Graffiti artists, Kenji Chai and Gilbert Ng.
Unfortunately I didn't get to stay till the end.

But I found the end results on ChurpChurp's official Instagram acc!
Credits: Churp2

Twin towers LOL. That was what Spellman described this picture as.
Yes I met Spellman and Mr. Brian See today! For real.
They were so friggin tall, I promise I don't even know what they eat for a living.
Truth be told, I always saw them in my campus everywhere.. 
From the computer lab, to the restaurants, to even the gym o_o
Just that I didn't know who they were until recently.
I'm pretty outdated haha. 
Really nice to finally get to talk to them.

Chris and Saren :D

Yes and I got super tan.
But I couldn't be bothered to add a filter cuz I am too tired.
I wonder if this was the 'Sun-kissed skin' all the ang mos have been paying few hundred bucks just to lie in a sauna box for few hours in hope to achieve this colour tone.
Well, just come to Malaysia guys.


All the famous youtubers. 
Finally got a chance to meet them :')

I didn't get to really look around the blogshops honestly because I was too busy. I also missed out alot of things on my supposedly to-do-list today :(

To sum everything up, this event was a total hit and definitely a success. I loved the venue as well, it felt so peaceful just being there and half way through they even encouraged us to fly kites because the place was that huge.

 Really wished I could've stayed till the end though, as they usually save the best part of the event for the last.
But I guess that will have to wait till next year.

Oh and I know I've been missing for exactly a week now and I have really good reasons for that. Been facing some rough waters lately, and will update in the next post... 
Stay tuned? :)

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