Saturday, 26 October 2013

She's Indecisive She Can't Decide

It's Saturday and finally A DAY OFF. Well 1/3 of a day off actually. I'm so glad that today turned out okay so far. I sound like such a loser I know, the day is just beginning.
Note to self: I gotta stop caring what others think about me. Sometimes I feel I need assurance but then I feel bad when my friends give it to me. It's like I tend to over-think on it and wonder whether they really mean what they said or just simply saying it because they are nice.

I guess this is one of the problems in being a girl. The thing is, we never know what we want. We think we do, but once we get it, we realised we wanted something similar but not entirely the same of what we intended to want. I don't know whether I'm making sense here to you, but I hope you get it.

It's just... unexplainable. No matter how often I try to reflect and evaluate on what I truly want (eg. confidence, respect, fearlessness, people giving honest opinions), I always end up realising what I wanted wasn't exactly what I wanted. 

Ok guys, it's like how your girlfriends complain about how they hate every single body part they have. When you keep assuring them they look fine, they tell you to stop lying. When you decide to just not say anything, they tell you you're not listening to them. Get it? 

It's like girls are never satisfied. We want assurance but then we don't want to feel the person is lying. We want a good listener but then we don't want the listener to be too quiet.

Its like we know we have enough of black shoes but we keep buying MORE black shoes telling ourselves each time that it's different. Wait, or is that just me.

Point is we're so indecisive :( I'm so indecisive. We are always afraid of making decisions and then regretting it later on. 
Argh. Wished there was a remedy to indecisiveness. 

Meanwhile, I have lotsa overdue picts sitting in my phone so I'm just gonna post everything here.

 Thank you wind and thank you hair for doing that to my face.

The crew.
Filming a wedding scene for our assignment.
Pardon all our naked faces *except Venice*

Bernard helping Aryan in putting on the priest's garments.

Ok la she can never look ugly but she looks so cute here

Jakun-ing in Paradigm after we were done.

Caught in action!
Funny people hehe


Chocolate chip pancakes with corn :D

Sephora came to Taylor's the other day.

 And I got a goodie bag!!
If there's one thing I learned in the process of getting this goodie bag, it's to be as darn thick-skinned as you can.
We had to be the first to raise up our hands and answer a question correctly in order to get it.
Well, all of us decided to raise our hands first and only think about whether we know the answer to the question after that. Lol
Thank God I answered it correctly or it would've been so embarrassing ngeh.

Inside there was this hair mask.
Looks cool but I haven't used it yet. 
Plus I never knew Sephora was known for their hair products.

The most useless thing among the two items in it was this.
I don't friggin have an Iphone 5.
What mockery is this.
Now I'm clueless on what to do with it.
Probably give it to my friend or something.

 Eye shadow. 
Haven't got the chance to use it either but soon I will! :D

 To smile or not to smile, that was prolly what I was thinking at the time this picture was taken.
Therefore my face turned out like that.


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