Saturday, 26 October 2013

Starbucks, Move Over.

A tiny low-profile coffee house which you might walk past without even knowing!
It is operated by the deaf & the mute, and they joined forces to open up this place.

 They serve unique cakes as well!
Perfect if you're just looking for a place to nestle down with a cup of coffee.

 The small interior of the restaurant.

 It's only operated by 2 people and they get a full house every Sunday.

 The food here is pretty reasonable as well, everything below RM 10!
I know, I couldn't believe it as well, given that nowadays the price of everything is increasing.


 Mine :) The Big Breakfast
They actually steam the hotdog so it's pretty healthy.
And the best part is, it isn't the cheap quality kind where the entire sausage tastes of flour.
They are especially known for their luncheon meat!
Their luncheon meat isn't from those in cans and tins like SPAM or those China brands we Chinese always eat.
It's the authentic one, cut out from a meat loaf.

Like this.
Hence the taste is abit different from the usual ones we eat, but so much better.

The Bacon Set.
The portion is not that big, but it's good enough for breakfast.
Just imagine your McD breakfast but only at RM 5.

 The Ham Set.
It's the most simple set I would say.
Perfect for light-eaters and those who doesn't like stuffing themselves for breakfast.
I mean where else can you get an RM 5 breakfast that is filling and does not just consist of plain carbs?
Plus did I mention that with every meal, their house brewed coffee is free flow?

All coffee lovers should definitely check this place out. Their coffee is the quality kind (It's house brewed c'mon! :D) but with such an affordable price you'd probably never want to drink Nescafe anymore.

How to get here?

    No.9, Jalan SS25/23, Taman Plaza
      47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

      It's at Kelana Jaya, the row of shops right across the road from SIC (Saint Ignatius Church).  The row of shops include Da Ma Cai LOL. So if you see these two landmarks, you'll know you'regoing the right direction.

      Check out their official FB page here for more information.

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