Sunday, 6 October 2013


All you food lovers and Nuffnang supporters would've probably heard of this wonderful event already! The previous few days, Twitter and Instagram have been flooding with this hashtag: #NNFoodFest. Well that included mine. Apparently #NNFoodFest was trending for 9 whole hours on Twitter.

The thing was, everybody who attended this event needed to tweet to eat. So I'm sorry if I annoyed anyone with my tweets LOL... I just have a naturally welcoming tummy when it comes to food.

Tweeting was literally like cash here, where you can exchange it for food. The food were in small portions so it was really easy to take in which made it possible to try every single one of the food stalls there!

The place was crowded when I reached at about 4.30pm plus they had door gifts to those who registered which was this cute mini Macaron.

It was pretty awesome as everything was FREEEEE. But certain food vendors also made available the full portion for sale, especially for people who just couldn't get enough of the fun-sized portions.

I had dinner there without spending a single cent, so I'm pretty contented.

The only few vendors I did not get a taste from would be myBurgerLab and Crazy Potato. The line for both of these stalls were never ending I tell you :(

But the main highlight today was that I got to meet other bloggers! I met Jessica Chaw, Timothy Tiah and even Audrey from Fourfeetnine (She was super pretty and cute).

The pwetty Jessica.

Timothy and Audrey. So sweet :')
I feel like a lightbulb here lol.
However the sunlight was pretty good! 
Did'nt even need to edit the photos.
The sunlight finally did some justice to my burnt skin.

Ayam Penyet.
The first stall I went cuz there were the least people there and I was too lazy to line up.
Sometimes I feel so guilty about my laziness I think I should be taken to court.
And thrown into jail. Maybe I'll learn to stop being lazy.


 Oh and I did some cupcake deco together with Chris.
But obviously mine looked better *flips hair*

It was supposed to be for a competition to win something... which I forgot what it was. Yikes, I know it just happened yesterday and my memory is failing me. Again.


Actually they both look pretty similar here now that I'm looking at it again.
Camera angle I guess haha.

Mini fish cakes.

 Chris and I :)

Just to get a free cup of Chatime.

Me and the lovely Lysha, my college mate.

 This was from this stall called Royal Post.
It was one of my favs here!
Everything on this plate was just yummy, including the milky green tea at the side.

Overall I really had fun going around the stalls and eating non stop.
Nuffnang should hold another event like this soon.
Cuz I'd definitely be attending.

Not forgetting my outfit.
One of my guy friends joked about how I can't stand one day where I don't show the world what I'm wearing -.-

 All credits go to Chris.
He is still pretty new to photography so some of the picts are off-focus but oh well, he didn't even complain taking so many pictures for me :D

Bag from Times Square.
Shoes from Agape Boutique.
Crop top and shorts from Manila.
Cuz I just can't afford shopping here.

Oh and FUN FACT!!

Did you know the top I'm wearing only costed RM 7.60??
Now you know why I don't go (or haven't gotten the chance tbh) for Topshop, Zara and F21.


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