Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Picture Perfect

Few days ago, an asshole, which so happened to be my friend uploaded my IC picture, which was taken when I was 12. If you're reading this and you're a girl, you'd probably know how I felt about it. Most guys would probably think it's funny like just a shitty joke, but no. Not to me it isn't funny.

It all started out with him stealing a photo of me from God knows where, and uploading it on Instagram. The funny thing was I posted that photo up on my blog before, but instead of taking it as it is, he did some shitty editing. Talk about embarrassing much.
But the photo really caught me by surprise because he didn't usually post photos that he didn't own.

Now this was a first. And no I wasn't flattered -.-

I wanted to comment on it saying that I will make meat pie out of him (when in actual truth we both know that he would be just fine), but Venice told me not to. She suggested something better- post an equally embarrassing photo of him as revenge.

So that was exactly what I did one day later. I posted something that was actually taken by ME and not stolen. Well it had a pretty good response from Facebook I'd say.

I don't even know why I bothered to censor anything since his face is gonna be revealed here.
Ya that's Wee.

Little did I know that instead of being even, he'd take it to the next level. I logged out of my college's computer, but I did not know that right after I left, an error message came out or something, saying I couldn't be logged off.
#BadLuckIvena strikes again.

And this was what happened to my Google plus account.
So obviously after being embarrassed for another time, I saw this as a losing battle and that if I kept posting another photo to avenge myself from this humiliation, it will never end.
Hence I stopped.
I decided to let him just be happy and think that he won this pathetic battle.

But unfortunately some people's intelligence were just abit slow-developed.
And BAM. He decided to do what was extensively ALMOST my breaking point.
Which was. like I mentioned earlier, my IC.

Ladies & gentleman, I behold you my IC picture.
Screw it seriously. Just screw it.
I don't give a shit anymore and I just hate that people needed to find out that was how I looked when I was 12 from someone else instead of me.
So well here it is.
I admit that I was never good looking, and nobody ever called me pretty or anything associated with that word when I was younger.
Most people would call my sister those things, but never me.
 Yes, I used to have an issue with that, really hating myself to the core for being not tall enough, not fair enough, not good looking enough, for people to treat me the way they treated  my sister.
Even now, dealing with comments and hints which hinted 'geez what went wrong with the eldest kid', can still be really hurtful to me.
But I've learned to move on and not dwell on it.
As long as I don't give up on myself, I can still be better, I can still improve.

I got really upset at first, seeing how this picture got leaked out like this on Social Media. Seeing that it was not just any picture but my freakin identification card. 

So I admit I kinda did not want to talk to this person at all initially, whether it was on Net or in person. I was pissed. But finally, thanks to Dee, one of my really good friend, managed to knock some sense into me and make me realise how pointless it was to be upset about it.

Sure I used to look like that. But then again I look different now.
Well I'm glad this picture probably made somebody's day, making them laugh or even feel better about themselves. LOL. 
Yes you out there, you look 10x better than me so smile haha.

Anyways I just wanted to share this because I guess I just hope that people won't be embarrassed about how they looked when they were younger, anymore. 
Instead, be proud of who you were. 
Honestly when I was 12, I felt I had my "good looking" days too. And there were also people who liked me for the way I looked at that time. I never utterly thought I was ugly until recently as I got older, and as I got more and more exposed to the media, comparing myself to them.

Nobody is ugly in this world, just people who are blind to their beauty.

Well I'm still friends with this loser obviously, but from now on he exists as the name Asshole to me. I'll just be more careful next time and stop trusting people with my stuff. 

Oh and if you're reading this, Asshole, I have a video made especially for you ;)


Ending with some selfies cuz I realised I haven't taken any for quite awhile now hehe.

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