Sunday, 13 October 2013

Please Don't Judge Me

I was never a fan of Chris Brown till I heard this song by him - Please Don't Judge Me. I started listening to his music on radio when I was about 11 or 12 though, and that was when I realised all his songs sounded like some horny little boy desperately looking for a girl to shag.

No joke.

That was my first impression towards him. I guess its cuz when you're a kid, these kinda sexual stuff really sounds disgusting especially in public and that we would in no way want any association with it, especially when our parents are present.

But as time goes and as we grow up, we tend to become more open towards it and even embrace it (for some of us) LOL. Maybe it's cuz we can finally relate to the lyrics and what not?

I'm quite embarrassed to say this but I kinda like songs like these now WTH. I mean I find it really sensual especially when guys are able to dance to songs like these and move their bodies according to the beats and lyrics of the song.
Whoosh. I can't even.

If you're below 16, do me a favour and not click on the video below HEH.
I warned you.
Brian Puspos <3

Sigh. What would the 11-year-old-me think of me now.
Why did hormones have to come and screw with my mind. WHAI :'(

But ok that wasn't the only reason I disliked him. It was also because few years later, just when I was starting to accept him and his singing style, he hit Rihanna. No matter under what circumstance, a guy should never have a reason to hit a lady. Maybe she did something really bad to him that was never mentioned in the news, and it hurt him. But that doesn't give him the right to abuse her in anyway. I'm not like a feminist or anything but the thing is, men were built stronger naturally to protect women and not use it against them :/

So yea. No one likes a violent celeb that might even hurt their fans right?

But then my lecturer shared with us this song and told us that it would be for a performance at the end of the year, telling us that we had to audition for it to secure a spot. The song was called Don't Judge Me, by Chris Brown and the song was really good, I must say.

The beat and everything was perfect. It's been really long since I've heard songs that doesn't involve some Dubstep remix.

It was a really emotional song and I realised it had alot to do with his own personal life, being a famous personality and what he has to struggle with when it comes to relationships.

I remember when we first heard it, all of us were so silent, closing our eyes and feeling the music. Haha that's how much impact the song had on us.

On the audition day, I was really nervous but hyped up. Unfortunately the lecturer kinda didn't like my style, since she preferred something more gentle. And was expecting us to look vulnerable :/
Oh well.
She told me I could add hip hop elements to it, and that's exactly what I did, since the beat was really suitable for it.

But... Apparently I was too aggressive? 
Yea that'd prolly be the reason I learned Bboy and not Contemporary in the past. I was never really a girly girl :( 

However, I truly am grateful that in the end none of us who auditioned got rejected :'D YAAAAY to extra credits and a chance to really explore Contemp!

Eva & Koyin :)) 
They're so gorge I feel like a troll next to them.

The rest of the pretty ladies :)

This is ACDC.
The Awesome Contemporary Dance Crew.
Yes we ripped our shirts by ourselves.
Somehow I managed to rip it up nicely for everyone else except myself.. 
Cuz I experimented with my shirt first haha

I promise you this pict was not edited.
Taken by my friend's Ipad. Super nice haha.


Oscar and his angriest face.

The song :)

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