Sunday, 28 April 2013

Confirmation 2013

Alright so yesterday night, my little sister finally got confirmed.

My parents and my really pretty not-so-little sis.
Ya she's all grown up now.

If you don't know what's a confirmation, basically it's probably as big as baptism and it is the stage of life where a person decides whether he or she wants to continue being a Christian, and so came the word "Confirmation".

I had mine in 2011, but I can't really remember much of it. It was similar to this year's, just that I became alot smarter this time and did not make the same mistake I did during my year which was---not taking any pictures.

As you can guess, I took plentyyyy this time!

Enough to relive every single moment of it. That is if I ever looked through it again next time lol.

I took pictures of almost every single performance, and many people were recording the performances yesterday so I think it is all probably on FB by now.

Alright I know I'm making it sound as though it was really my confirmation, but I did not steal the limelight or anything (I couldn't, the girls there were all just too gorgeous in their beautiful white dresses! haha). I guess I just went through the whole night yesterday reminiscing on what happened my year.

And trying to relive on what I failed to realise and all the little things I missed during my year.

Ok I know sound like a parent who never got to be an archaeologist for Nat Geo so I had to force my child to dig up an Egyptian mummy's grave in order to live the dream I never lived.


But nahhh it's not that serious a case haha.

I really enjoyed yesterday night though, there were like so many performances, which includes dances, singing and even a mime.

Everything just brought a smile to my face. I guess maybe cuz I know them and I felt so proud of them.

It's like watching a young little puppy grow up to become a handsome, brave and courageous dog, jumping in  front of a bullet, that's coming your way, to take the blow for you.

Other than that, I got to admit that I felt abit sad that they are starting to overtake and catch up on me and the people my age.
That includes mentally and physically, eg. their height. *SOBSSS*

Omg why do I sound like a parent with bipolar depression today.

Cue pictures!
 What am I doing with my face. I didn't even know when this picture was taken.

All of us, including one of my good friend. 
Don't you just love her dress <333

Finally got to meet up with an old friend Brandon! He's the one in the middle.
I think Terence (the one on the right) is afraid of me. lol

See what I mean?
Only afraid of me lol.

Bros to the max for life.
That includes me.

What we ate there. 
I liked the chicken wing!

And then it also happened to be Ethan's birthday!
Took a picture (more like a few) with this birthday boy.
I look horrible but screw it, he looked awesome here.
I'm so sacrificial, I know.

Anselm and I!
This guy used to be my dance buddy and we would try all the crazy dance moves we could think of together.
Oh and he said I looked like a china-pek today. Because of my top which looked like I brought the whole temple on me.
But who cares, It's fashionable. *flips hair*

Mauricia and Gillian.
Gorgeous people.
Nuff said.

And a lost Gillian. So cute I don't know what she's doing haha.

Did I mention her boyfriend came to support her as well? Well he did, and the sweetest part was, she decided to introduced him to her parents today!

I made her take this.
 I could've sworn she was gonna kill me before posing nicely in this picture. Scary.
Family Reunion! :))

 The confirmation class of 2013.

 Brandon carrying his sis to take a picture of the performances.
Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The Performances

 This guy can sing!

Look at the emotion.

Spot the terrorist. Photo Bomber alert!

My camwhore "kaki" for the night.

Final picture of the night!
I was so proud of my camera because it was left with one bar of battery, but in the end it managed to last through the entire night.
Ok I was disappointed with it at first because yesterday I charged it, and when I checked it before I left, the indication showed that it had two bars left.
Then when I got to church and wanted to snap a picture for my sis, it gone down to ONE FIRGGIN BAR.

It was red and blinking somemore.

But I guess it redeemed itself. Yes I accept your apology, Camera.

Overall it was a fun night :) Wished I could go through it all over again.

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