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Review on E San Thai Kitchen

So how did we come about this place? My dad's friend recommended this place and was talking about it really highly, so my dad became curious too and brought us all there for lunch today.

As it's name says, it is a Thai restaurant which basically serves Thai cuisine.

Apparently this restaurant has been here for really long time now, and have expanded from one shop lot to two shop lots over the years. So that really made an impression.

I've been to Thailand for a few times, mainly visiting Chiang Mai and Bangkok, so I guess I have a rough idea on how their food tastes. And I haven't been eating Thai food for a really really long time, so I was actually craving for good Thai food for quite some time now.

The restaurant was quite special as the main entrance was at the side.

When we first entered, we were amazed by the many paintings on the walls. Every corner of the walls were literally covered with paintings of sceneries, flowers and lifestyles of people in their Thai village, I'm guessing.

Yup, this is proof I wasn't exaggerating about the paintings.

The deco really had me the moment I stepped into the restaurant, and so my expectations on its food were instantly elevated as well!

They served us with a cup of really nice smelling water which was boiled with pandan. I'll just call it pandan water. 

Not long after, came the appetizer.

The appetizer was really good and can be seen for its Thai authenticity as they served this in restaurants in Thailand and even Vietnam before, according to my dad (he has travelled the most in our family). People were supposed to use the leaves given to wrap the peanuts, dried shrimp and chili together and then dip it in the sauce.

This is before wrapping, and after that, you can just pop it in your mouth.

It has a really unique and refreshing taste to it though it's such a simple dish.
Our tom yam goong (Tom Yam cooked with shrimp) came next.

Thailand is really famous for its Tom Yam just in case you didn't know, so if you happen to be going there, trying out their Tom Yam Goong is a MUST! 

Just like any other ordinary person who knows how famous Thais are with their Tom Yam, we ordered this.

Unfortunately it really did not meet any of our expectations. There were only two prawns in the whole soup and a few sotongs.
Ok I don't mean to complain about their quantity but I'm looking at it from every view point as possible.

The quality of the soup was... how do I put it?

Average. And a little bit more sweeter than average.

Obviously alot of sugar had been thrown in this soup without anybody realizing (except for us). I mean if you think about this logically, how can the essence of two prawns be enough to contribute to such sweetness? 

So the Tom Yam was sadly a big no- go.

Next, was their veggie!

This is actually 'Kangkung' stir fried with Thai sambal. Also one of the dishes I liked best here. The sambal tasted really good with the veggie, and had a lingering spicy taste.

After that, our 'Pandan Chicken' arrived.

I was thinking to myself, what could actually go wrong with something so basic like this as I saw the waiter approaching our table with this dish.

Apparently, plenty could go wrong.

The chicken obviously had the pandan smell (duhhh, because it was wrapped in pandan while cooking) but the chicken wasn't marinated well at all. 

It only had a salted taste to it. 

That's all.

And we felt quite cheated because one of the pieces of chicken wrapped in the leaf was actually only the size of half my pinkie. Literally, HALF the size of my little finger.

Thus, the Pandan Chicken = Not so good

Next, we had the "Otak Otak" here which was one of their signature dishes.

This Otak Otak was different from the regular Otak Otak we normally eat from night markets and one of my favourite times of the year - Ramadhan bazaars!
The regular Otak Otak would usually consist of fish meat, be it wrapped in a leaf or served in a bowl.
This one however had no hint of fish in it, but rather a creamy spicy sauce made from coconut milk cooked with the flesh of the coconut. 

This is actually a close up of the coconut flesh soaked in the sauce.

The Otak Otak here was a satisfying dish, and definitely different from what I expected.

We also ordered Thai calamari. 
The squids were big! 

It is meant to be dipped into their sweet and sour chili sauce, or else the squid would taste really plain.

Finally, it was dessert time.
Mango with sticky rice :D 

I loved this dish even from really young and I made it a point that I would order it at every Thai restaurant I went to. So I guess I have a lot of experience with this dish (though it's so simple to make). 

The complicated part with making this dish was usually finding the suitable type of mango to compliment the glutinous rice and coconut milk. The mango must usually have a really strong sweet-and-sour taste to it so that the sweetness of the coconut milk would bring out the taste of the mango.

The taste of the mangoes served in this restaurant were okay ( I wouldn't say great). However, the rice was a problem.
The rice was too hard, making it so sticky I had to use both my fingers and fork just to separate the rice to smaller pieces so I can eat it.
FYI this is usually what happens when glutinous rice isn't cooked with enough water. 

And here's the bill....

Considering the quality served in this restaurant, the price was ridiculous to me. RM30 for a small plate of squid?? That's just absurd.
 Plus, my mango sticky rice was RM12! 
If you have went to Thai Thai before (another famous thai restaurant), you would know that their serving size was bigger (alot bigger) and only at the price of RM8. *plus no sticky rice problem.

In a nutshell, it's food is okay but the price is a little too pricey for me. 

However, this is quite a well known place in Ara Damansara apparently, and a lot of people actually patronize their food. So if you wanna try the food here, its full address is on the receipt :)

Its right in front of the road and should be on your right, if you're coming in from Kelana Jaya, at the last block of shop lots. ( There are only a few blocks of shop lots there).

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