Thursday, 11 April 2013

Anus People Acting Anus

Have you ever felt like you were always the only one left out when making new friends? Like you felt you were just too incompetent and inferior to even talk to that person.

 Like your presence actually did not even matter because what's the point of being present when you feel exactly like a fly, flying aimlessly.

At least a fly would still get chased away.. or even hit by people.

They would be noticed.

They wouldn't be ignored.

They wouldn't be treated like they were nothing...

I have never felt mixing with people was worse than what I was feeling and facing today.

I felt like a stupid toilet bowl that nobody bothered to look at or sit on to be given a chance to show its unique flushing technique. Okay that was a bad metaphor but whatevs.

I felt like I just wasn't good enough.

And you wanna know why? Because God wasn't generous enough to make me as pretty or as tall as some lucky girls. No God didn't give me high cheek bones or even big eyes to get started with.

 It's like I was just this shitty template that God wanted to finish using and then throw it away.

Ok I didn't mean to blame God for all my petty loser-ish second world girl problems.
Sorry God :/ Was just feeling emotional.

Anyways back to the main story, I felt I was ignored because I did not look like those supermodels they showed so much on the media.

 I mean ok, we're sitting on the same table but you're just ignorant to the fact that I'm there?
Isn't that a tad bit shallow even for a mean person like you? So you think you look very cool smoking and puffing out smoke into my food while I'm eating?

Yep. that was basically what that person did to me which got me all so worked up.

So if you wanna die young then die alone la, don't give me no second hand smoke nonsense and drag me to your grave with you -.-"

This guy could've just blown the smoke out at some other direction and not directly aiming at my innocent food and I.


Apparently puffing out into people's face was the new "happening" thing from what I witnessed.

Eh bro, sorry to burst your little bubble but you're not doing a commercial for Marlboro.

 You might not think it was a big deal, but to me it was. Not only because this guy just literally stole away like 11 minutes of my life (as a single cigarette can shorten the life of the smoker by 11 minutes), but because of the fact that I hate hanging out with people who think they are too cool to even give anybody else a second glance.

I mean if people thought you were cool then alright, that's acceptable, I don't care. But a self-proclaimer??? *incredulous look*

Geez. You just met me. And I already felt like I was all boxed up and categorised by you to some stupid genre.

I really don't get why some people are so mean.

Just because I don't show it there and then, it does not mean I wasn't affected by your obnoxious anus-like actions.

I know I am no where near cool and neither do I speak like the shit you call a language.
But can you stop stereotyping people for a minute??

Even if you just had to stereotype me, would it be so hard to just keep it to yourself and act nice to me, then only bitch about me behind my back afterwards?

I guess what I mean to say is that, no matter how many times you've went clubbing, no matter how many times you've gotten drunk, no matter how many times you've smoked, and no matter how bad ass you think you are, we are all still created equal, aren't we?

What I'm talking about is beyond physical appearances.

Beyond that.

I'm talking about the beating heart which each and everyone of us have. Yea it's cliched but all of us have the same wiring in us don't we? Born to be given attention to, to be loved, to be cared for, to be socialized with. And doesn't that make us all equal since we all need the same basic necessities?

I guess these kinda people are the main reasons why peer pressure exists. Why people change 360 degrees to live up to their expectations no matter how stupid their expectations are. No matter how obviously dumb it may seem to the other people watching, you wouldn't know it as long as you are still stuck in this cycle, with the feeling that these people are more superior than you.

I really wished this cycle could stop.

But then again this cycle will never stop no matter how hard you try.

I guess all we can do is to prevent ourselves from falling into these traps. By not being afraid to be ourselves and getting the hell outta there the immediate moment you start to feel that something is wrong.

I'm so sick of feeling this way. Like when a person seriously thinks he's so much better than the rest of the world and ruins the rest of other people's lives by manipulating them.

Give me a break.

But I guess in everybody's life there will always be the one Lan C Kia which we felt we had to impress, once upon a time.

Pardon my language today.

Alright enough about these losers.

Other than that part of the day (meeting the Lan C Kia) the rest of my day was kinda awesome.

So I shall let the pictures do all the talking now!

 Outfit of the day lol

What I had for dinner to prevent constipation. Kidding 

 Grilled sotong!

Fried fish..
I feel hungry again now. 

Kit Kat dark!

Oh no! it is coming to an end

Oh well.

And more pictures of me....

No filter

And more....haha

Are you bored yet?

Oops I heard a no XD haha don't worry, last pict dy.
Don't I look like my monkey :D

That's all :) getting my sleepy ass off to bed now

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