Friday, 5 April 2013

Ambitions and Drama

Geez it's a Saturday and unlike most people, I'm at home wondering what to do. I wanted to go to the gym but I woke up late again and I realised the sun definitely did not want me to get out of my nice chilly room.

So I ended up sitting here blogging again haha.
I'm such a lazy creature. Born to live a lazy life.

You know how people usually talk about their carriers and say they wanna be the CEO, Chairman, Executive and etcetc of a company?

Well I was definitely different or should i say unique from them. I mean why try so hard to be a CEO, Chairman, Executive and all when you can just enjoy life and make ends meet with a simple job.

I wanted to be someone along the lines of a rubbish collector in UK.

Hey they get pretty high pay kay, since they are kinda lacking in that department in their country. So I'm more than happy to offer my services there.:D I

 know I know, people would probably be like ew, especially with my competitive relatives. But hey, have you wondered if there were nobody collecting our rubbish anymore, where would our rubbish go?
 No where.
That's what.

So I can assure you that rubbish collecting is indeed a very honourable and important part of the eco system. ^^ *proud moment*

But gahhhh. I can't even wake up before 10am (unless I'm forced to). Hence I think this job was not meant for me XD
Ya I know I'm contradicting myself.
 But even in literature such as Pride and Prejudice, the characters contradict themselves.

What I'm trying to say is, I'm like literature. I need to be read between the lines, and appreciated as I myself am a precious art waiting to be extinct.
hhahaahaha vain much.

Anyways, my parents are fighting again. Arguing to be more precise. And angry at each other because of things of the past. I mean cmon, why bring up the past. We as humans are supposed to forgive each other and not hold any grudges towards each other especially if we are family and are stuck under the same roof from now to the end of time.

This is what their convo was like while they were watching tv:

Dad: Eh Natalie (my yougest sis) why your leg so dirty? Faster go wash now.
Natalie: Got meh.
Dad: Yes..hurry up now go and wash.
Mum: Wa, you trying to say my floor very dirty ar, I mop and clean the floor everyday kay.

And then BOOM. I lost track of what was happening. My dad was saying something and then my mum again, and then finally my dad stormed upstairs to sleep.

Geez why do they have to generate problems out of something so minute as the condition and cleanliness of the floor.

They're like a Drama Generator. I don't even know how they do it.
I bet they'll be really good scriptwriters for those HK dramas which can never end after episodes and episodes.
I so do not need drama in my life.

No picture of me today, cuz I think I look horrible :(

Anyways I guess I'll just head to the gym now since I'm really bored.

Hope tonight's Easter party would be fun. The only event I'm looking forward to this weekend.

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