Monday, 8 April 2013

Of Monsters & Parents

Woke up today and did not feel like heading to the gym. So as you can already guess, I went back to bed.

I don't understand why, but it seems like every time when you have just woke up, everything makes sense and just clicks as long as you can get to sleep again. Like even 5 more minutes of sleep. If you get what I mean. But then later on in the day when you think back about it, it seems like those 5 minutes of sleep do not make any sense or was any close to being logical as how it did in the first place.

 This morning I got another extra 2 hours of sleep, skipping the gym. And now to think back about it, I kinda do regret. Like I could've lost 200 calories there and be sculpting my muscles for a better looking body (than now). Gaaah.
And maybe, just maybe, I could've gotten a two pack sooner -.-
But now all is gone.. Just because of 2 more hours of horrible, addictive sleep.

But luckily, I did not forget my friend's interview on Capital FM. Yes, my friend got a friggin interview at Capital FM! SO COOL right???
Actually any radio station would've been cool. I mean I don't mind. For the experience and exposure, it's totally worth it! Unless its a radio station where they don't speak english... I mean I know mandarin and a bit of malay I guess. But the problem is, when I speak chinese, I sound like a HK man without their accent.

Basically, I speak like an 'ah pek'. A really rough and ungentlemanly kind. So yes, I would only speak mandarin when I'm forced to.

For malay on the other hand, I can only understand what they are saying, but when anyone asks me to speak the language, I have to translate word by word in english to malay.

So guess how long it takes for me to construct a sentence.

Anyways, the topic my friend got interviewed for was about Generation Y and how to close the gap between this generation and their parents. So it was kinda like supposed to raise awareness among parents on what their teenage kid is actually thinking about and what we as teenagers hope for them to understand about ourselves.

As you know, we teenagers wished that our parents would understand us more. To state a few which are the main problems we face:

1) Being nagged

It's annoying enough that parents love to nag. But it just gets even more annoying when they nag about the same thing every single day. For my case, my mum makes spending time on the computer sound like a crime.

The thing is, I don't game for long hours (or should I say, at all), I'm not addicted to the computer, I'm not even an active facebooker and I don't even have a twitter account o_o
 I know right.
 Just unbelievable.

But still, everytime I'm using the wifi, she'll be like : "Eh what are you doing ar? On the net again ar? Playing computer again ar? Watching video ar? Watching video right!"
And the best part of all, I do not even get the chance to reply. Yippee. -__-

So Capital FM kinda suggested that maybe we should let them know that we got the message. By showing eye contact and paying attention to what they say and not just nod.

2) Our life belongs to them

I don't know whether this happens to most kids out there but for us chinese kids, there's a chinese saying in which children are supposed to always be filial and be grateful to their parents, because without them we would not be alive.
But.... chinese parents always seem to take this saying to a whole new level, making it sound as though we are forever in their debt.

Due to this wonderful excuse which my parents constantly use, I'm strictly limited to many things a normal 19 year old should be doing. I'm not allowed to dye my hair, I can't come home later than 11pm (unless it's a church thing), and I'm not allowed to do any tattooing or body piercings (I only have my ears pierced... for now :P).

Oh and I can't go on trips with my friends if it's beyond a 10 km radius from my house, plus I can't sleepover at my friends' place cuz they think everybody in this world is evil and I might wake up to find one of my kidneys gone.

Yes Criminal Minds and CSI can sometimes be a bitch and mess up my parent's mind.
Don't I just have the best life in the world?^^

3) Relationships are a no- no
Ok so since the time our hormones magically kicked in and started suddenly screwing our bodies inside out, we began to form an attraction towards the opposite sex.

Can I get anymore awkward. Lol.
You get the idea.

And discussing this with our parents is kinda impossible for some families.

I know some parents are really open towards it (Praise the Lord!!!). But others......... meh. It's like begging for a death sentence if we even suggest talking about it.
My parent's have never, and I repeat again, NEVER let me had any relationships.

One fine day, there was something wrong with my brain and I asked my mum why. This was how she replied:

There was't even a reason nicely sandwiched with that big fat NOOO.
And then finally after all my stuttering and stammering of 'buts' here and there, she finally said: "I went through this before and I don't want you to make the same mistake as I did, later you cannot concentrate on your studies and when you break up you will cryyyyyy."

I seriously do not think I'll make the same mistakes as her, in fact, I'm sure I wouldn't. Of course all breakups are painful, and is it so wrong to cry over it? Cmon dude... I'm a girl for the love of God.
And girls naturally do shed more tears than guys.Plus, shedding tears are healthy too. Take a look.
There, nuff said.

Basically, these are just a few of the many things we hope and wished our parents understood. If you want me to list the rest down, I assure you I can continue ranting till the world ends.
Plus I recently had an argument with my mum all because of something so tiny, so trivial.

Using the internet -.-

Aishhh. So that just made my ranting ability alot stronger.

I know our parents have done many things for us, and fed us, clothed us, tuck us in to sleep and all. But we as teens have emotions too :/

We were not born to feel the same way as you parents and we were not born to think the same way either. So I guess in the end I really wished that you could just trust us with our own lives.

Trust us that we are able to handle our own lives and not wreck it.  Trust us that we will always come back to you if we ever need support or encouragement. Trust us that we are old enough to think and make decisions on our own.

Well that's all I can pray for I suppose.


Anyhow today was an okay day. Besides the fact that I could've woken up earlier and parked nearer to college. I ended up having to park at the other end of Taylors outdoors free parking. Which I'm guessing is about 400 meters of walking distance to my college.

Imagine walking towards your parking, on a bright sunny day, and the air filled with heat, while the sun is smiling down at you, at 34 degree celsius. For all of you who are planning to head to Taylors Lakeside for their degree/ diploma/ foundation, I strongly urge you guys to come at 7am. You'll find a brilliant parking spot at that time, close to the campus.

 If you arrive after 9am, no worries. You'll just get the same spot as mine today, 400 meters away from campus, plus you'll get to indulge the sky and all its beauty. Oh the joy!
 I'm being sarcastic in case you thought I was serious.

Luckily I got to hitch a ride from my friend to send me to my car ^^ So it was not that bad today.
Then we headed to Sunway Pyramid for a late lunch, cuz our class started at 10am and it was till 2pm non stop, without any breaks. It's a wonder how both the lecturers never once stopped for water.
We ended up at Ichiban Ramen.

 The biggest and heaviest laptop I've ever seen and felt.

The proud owner of it who claimed it was for gaming purposes.

 Antisocial person checking his phone.

Finally, the food! Jason's.




And MINE. muahahahahha

 Marcus demonstrating how the watermelon looked like a tongue by flapping it lol.

Chris and his banana milkshake. 

Shine bright hahaha
Spot the photo bombers

Otw back

Lol where am I looking. Sesat-ed.

 Oh and I saw a bird's wing just now. Not a feather. A whole bunch of feathers on a WING in my backyard. Dad said a bird was having a fight with an eagle. Poor birdie :(

And that's all for today folks! :)  Have to start assignments now T_T Wish me luck.

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