Friday, 5 April 2013


My mum must have been in a really really good mood today. I woke up at 11am today, which was a school day (my class was at 2.30pm), and there wasn't a single sound I heard from her.

Ok well,  I'm not saying my mum is noisy, she just loves to nag me. But cmon who's mum doesn't nag :D (for those of you who's mum doesnt, don't pop my bubble).

So basically I woke up in peace and on top of that, to a huge bowl of mac n cheese on the breakfast table, as if it was welcoming me o.o
 The big pot of mac.

Before I knew it, it was time for college. I usually drive to college these days (heh more freedom :D). But there are always pros and cons to everything, including driving. I realised I had one bar of petrol left. Obviously it's time to feed some petrol to my hungry car and revive its drooping spirit.

The situation was, I have only pumped petrol in my car by myself ONLY ONCE with my friends.
 And again I repeat, it was with my friends so they were there to guide me.. mm those smart asses.

Hence the instant rush of excitement I felt when I got to go by myself ^^
Just kidding.

I was nervous and SCARED. Yea I can be such a chicken at times -.-

And worse of all I kept visualizing things to go wrong at the petrol station like, getting robbed by a motorcyclist the moment I get out off my car, someone stealing my car the instance I go to the counter to pay, and even the neighbouring car might be having their car engine turned on while pumping petrol hence causing an explosion with me dying in it.

Oh and my car Kapoot in it turning into ashes.

Wooooosh you can't imagine what was going on in my big brain. Ok not so big brain.

Well ...guess who made it through all those terrifyingly horrific situations like a boss? ME :D hahhahaha alright anyways it wasn't that bad. I just kinda embarassed myself though cuz i did not know how to open the nozzle and had to ask the neighbouring guy to help me with it. 

Yea fml, how blonde can an asian get. But hey, I did not dare to do it by myself because I was afraid of breaking the nozzle with my immense and immaculate strength. See, a totally legit reason.

Nothing special happened in class. Except for the fact that I got an angmoh as our lecturer. Yea but as I said..... pros and cons people, pros and cons.. That was the pro, and now the con. His voice and slang was so soothing I almost fell asleep. Ahhhmaaaaiizinggggg right.

And now for the most fav part of my day, we had steamboat for dinner! Best part was, it was at home :D 

 My parents preparing the stuff.

Wooooooo look at those big ass prawns.

Hungry now? ;P

Sorry ate it all up ngehehehehehe.

Oh and look! I received a random gift from a friend of my mum's on this random day.

Love the straps and sequins on this blouse heh. It's from Topshop actually and I managed to get it at RM15! What a steal right haha

Eye liner for today. Ignore my uneven skin ><

Signing off now. Tata :)

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