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Gluten Intolerance?

Alright so these few days I haven't really been able to go out anywhere, hence the lacking number of photos. Due to a few reasons such as, Ka-ching problems, car being lack of petrol and I'm not able to do anything about it (another money problem), and also finally and lastly, because my family is soooo ASIAN.

I don't know whether it's normal for other families or just my extra-ordinary family, but I realised that Asian families are really overprotective at times.

Worse of all I have three other sisters, and no brothers, which means even more attention.

Too much attention.

Me, being the eldest, am supposed to lead a GREAT example to all the little ones below me, according to my parents. Which automatically means I can't do what normal teenagers out there do.

The most condescending part would be, I'm gonna be 19 this year. And I must say it's frightening.

Because I won't be a teenager any more but till now I haven't done all the simple things which most teens have already started doing.


In my reality,simple things such as having yum cha sessions at the mamak at night (only done it once and got scolded lol), having sleepovers at a friend's house, and going for a few days trip with just my friends.

Nope those things are not in my parents' manual on parenting. They basically do not recognize such behaviour.

Oh and did I mention I can't go on diets or dye my hair.
See what I did there? ;P

But it's true that they don't want me to diet, not even if it's a gluten free one.
Ok what is gluten?
Gluten basically exists in foods which are doughy such as bread and noodles. More or less anything that was created using dough.

I wanted to do this diet because I told one of my friends how losing weight on my face and waist area was abit hard, and that if I gained weight my face will exhibit the signs first.

Yes my face becomes chubbier first then my waist and then only the rest of my tummy.

How annoying.

I'm jealous of how people like Kim Kardashian's  face always appear to have a chin  and not a single hint of chubbs in her cheeks, in every single one of her photos no matter how big she got.
I shall refrain from being rude (by not calling anybody fat) for now since I'm feeling nice today.

Kim K before pregnancy

Kim K 5 months pregnant.

The only thing increasing in fats are her chest.
Why do some people get fat at all the right places.

So what has this got to do with gluten,you'd ask.

My friend suggested that I may be allergic to it. So he advised me to try to stop eating mainly bread and noodles for a month and see whether my body showed any visible changes.

So I decided to do a mini research on it since I was really curious on how bad can gluten affect a person.
I mean, it's just gluten and I've been eating it since forever, from the day I had my first tooth as a baby.

Here's how to check whether you yourself may be intolerant to gluten.

Five immediate symptoms:
1. Your energy level may dip after eating a meal containing mostly gluten, causing fatigue and exhaustion after a meal.
This is because gluten intolerant people have to work harder to try to fight the effects of gluten in the digestive system.

2. Your mental and emotional status may be affected.
People allergic to gluten often complain feeling irritable after eating and also having a "foggy mind", in other words not being able to focus and losing their train of thought easily.

3. Developing headaches after a meal.
This symptom is non specific and can be exactly like migraines, tension headaches or cluster headaches. It usually occurs within 30 minutes and an hour consistently.

4. Having joint pains.
Often enough, people with gluten intolerance would experience numbness or a tingling sensation in their arms and legs.

5. Poor Digestive Health.
Individuals would experience bloating, gas, diarrhoea, constipation and stomach pains.

4 Long-term symptoms:

1. Fluctuations in weight.
Having unexplainable weight gain or weight loss over time.

2. Prolong changes in mental state.
Depression and mood swings can also be caused by gluten intolerance.

3. Having rashes, including eczema

4. For ladies, it may also affect your menstrual cycles.
Causing irregular menstrual cycles, extreme menstrual cramps, and even miscarriage or infertility.

Some related conditions can also include:

  • Low iron levels
  • Fat in the stool
  • Poor dental health due to malnourishment
  • Poor calcium absorption
  • Delayed growth in children

*The above information was taken from this article here at*

So this is how I kinda confirmed that I have gluten intolerance.
Because out of the total of 9 symptoms stated, I have 8 of it :O
The only one that did not apply to me was having headaches after eating.
And I also realised that I had a really delayed growth as a kid compared to all my younger sisters whom which two of them are already taller than me now.

It's sad to say I'm like the dwarf in the family.

The dried leaf among the roses.

The ugly duckling among swans.

The bitter cucumbers in a nasi lemak.

And the too-sweet white cream in the Oreos.

Oh no :( 

I'm the sad nut in all the happy endings.

Now I have to accept being short for life.
So I guess if you are reading this and realise that most of the symptoms occur to you, you may be highly in danger from gluten.
You should consult a doctor (or just be your own doctor like me lol).

And stop eating anything with gluten for 2 to 4 weeks. Keep track of whether you feel more energetic, happy or less body aches.
After that, try eating foods with gluten again, and check whether your mental or physical state changes, including your digestive abilities.

Hope this helped :))

Some of the pictures of my chubbs and me.

Oh and my OOTD yesterday. Went to watch Iron Man 3 :D

Was experimenting with eye liner on my asian lids.

 KFC's Korean Sensation. The sauce was super spicy like CRAZY.

Half eaten wedges.

Off to shower now! Going for my sister's confirmation :) Will update about it tomorrow.

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