Friday, 12 April 2013

Review on Burgertory

If you're searching for a ravishing experience with a burger to satisfy your palette of taste buds, look no further!

Ok eeeek I sounded like a radio commercial.
 Let me retry this again. This time like a regular person who just went to an extraordinary burger place, and ate the most delightful thing EVAAAA.

Alright so I went to Burgertory for dinner today. I just wanted to try it out and see how good it is. Since burgers are all the hype now!

I know there are other places like Burger Lab, Burger Kaw Kaw, Crayon Burger and many more shops famous for its burgers. And of all those places, I have only tried Burger Lab so far.

Burger Lab was sooooo crowded, food had to be served in a self-service system. People were all given numbers (like in a clinic waiting for the doctor) so that they can only collect their burgers when their numbers reached. I remembered waiting there for about 20-30 minutes, if I wasn't mistaken.
Yep all that just for a burger.

Ok getting back to Burgertory. This place was surprisingly pleasant to be at, considering the fact that everything was DIY!

According to this board of memories, they basically did everything by themselves from their tables and benches to the deco. This place had a very homely touch to it, making people feel like they belong there instantly, and crafting just the perfect mood for a good burger.

I went there at 6.45pm, and I was surprised to see that there were just two people in line before me while the rest of the people(who came in big groups)  were already seated down comfortably enjoying their meal. On top of that, they actually served us our burgers! Yayyy no need to get my lazy butt out of my comfy zone!

But I'm guessing this is because it was only the beginning, and they haven't started to attract big groups of people yet.

 Our fries came first and I would say it was good. This is especially because of the rich cheese sauce it was served with it.
Just looking at it made my mouth water. The fries were also sprinkled in dried herbs so there's a unique taste present when you pop it in your mouth, even without the sauce. It did not taste dull like the regular fries we usually eat at McDonald's for instance. ( sry McD, I just needed an example :/)

Finally, our burgers appeared right in front of our eyes at approximately 12 minutes and 49 seconds. Ok I'm just saying. I did not actually count the minutes.

But what I can tell you is, every minute was worth the wait.

The burgers were served in these cute little bowls which looked like mini woks, wrapped in paper.
I ordered this Beef Cheese Fondue Burger while my friend ordered the Burgertory Treasure (one of their own signature burgers).

My Cheese Fondue Burger was a burger which any cheese lover could only dream of. *sighs dreamily*

The beef patty was fantastic, because it is made by themselves and not like the regular Ramlee burger patty which you can get in supermarkets. It being made out of real beef and not the types where 50% of the patty was flour was another plus point to it's taste.

The moment my teeth sank in the patty, its juiciness caught me off guard. Another thing about their burgers here is that their patties are super juicy!

The only turn off I found was the way the cheese fondue just dripped all over the paper it was wrapped in. So you can say I had to lick the paper to get my burger's worth.
But the menu did kinda say cheese fondue was going to be all over the burger, so I can't blame them.

However, I believe they can improve the thickness of the cheese sauce, or even separate the cheese fondue from the burger by serving it in a bowl instead of drowning the whole burger with it. This is so that we're able to dip our burgers into it like how Cheese Fondue should really be served and savoured, due to it's watery texture.

My friend's burger, the Burgertory Treasure was served with a pork patty (you get to choose from a variety of pork, beef and vegetarian). His was much neater and less challenging to eat compared to mine.

 I don't really have much to say about his other than it's great and etcetc like what I already mentioned above. It is kinda rare to find pork patties around Subang Jaya though, and apparently pork burgers were actually their specialty as they had more different types of pork burgers on their list compared to the beef and vegetarian.

Now about the pricing.
It was actually quite costly to me. The Beef Cheese Fondue was RM 18.50 while the Burgertory Treasure was RM13. The fries were however an additional RM 4.  But hey, what can I say as their burgers are actually considered as Gourmet burgers.

So in a way it actually depends on your budget :)

Overall the quality was satisfying, from the nice soft milk-bread they used to sandwich the patty, to the choices of sauce used to enhance it's taste.

So how do you find this uuuuh-maaaaaaaiiiii-ziiiiiing place? :D

It is located at SS15, right above Guardian which is the same row as Baskin Robbins and McDonald's. It is situated at almost the end of the row. So just keep walking till you see Guardian, then look up! :)

Alright now, don't forget to stay tuned to my blog as I'll be reviewing Crayon Burger next! 
It's Burger Season! :D

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