Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I don't know what's with me and bikes but I find anybody with a bike appealing.
Like you tell me you are rich, no problem. You tell me your parents own Gucci, no big deal. You tell me you have a BMW, sure thing.

But if you tell me you have a Kawasaki, I'll go gaga all over you. Instantly.

I really loved bikes ever since I was young. I remembered how I loved to go back to my hometown because I got to sit on my uncles' motorbikes and feel the wind in my face.

I know I sound like a dog.

Anyways, I have four uncles and all four of them have a bike each. Plus my dad was an ex-biker.  So I guess this attraction on bikes just naturally run in the family. Which explains why I'm so drawn to bikes and people who own bikes.

I wanted a bike like for all 18 years of my life ever since I knew what a bike was.

I wanted to actually own one and ride it everywhere I go, through rain or shine.

OK maybe not in floods and flash storms.

But all I wanted was a chance to learn how to ride one.

To own one and feel proud of it and experience the speed and rush, riding a bike brings.
I even wanted a Ducati when I came to know about it after getting a little older (because I only saw people around here riding on modified ordinary bikes, Kawasakis and Harley Davidsons on the road).

One day this baby will be mine.

However, my dad was the one who popped my little bubble and decided that I shouldn't and am not allowed to take a motorcycle license. Adding oil to the fire, my mum also backed him up against my pleas of learning to ride a bike. So in a way, my mum was the main culprit. Lol.

 My dad explained that he did not want me to ride on the road because of how dangerous the drivers can be these days. He also told me about how he got this huge scar on his leg and that it was due to riding bikes.

Interestingly what I found out was, he went racing with his bike. -_-

And that's how he actually got it. Not the bike's fault at all.

So ya I've been kinda ignoring what he said about how the roads are so dangerous and there are so many reckless drivers.

This was because I guess I somehow had the mindset that if God wanted me back in heaven (hopefully not hell), then no matter what, I would be fated to die as well. Even if I drive at 60km/h wherever I go. Or even if I don't drive at all. I'd still die if I'm fated to.

And so if I was fated to live and only die of old age, no matter what I did, (but obviously not jumping off a building or go 180km/h on my car) I'd still be safe and alive.

 So that was basically how I thought.

I wasn't really that afraid of death.

No not mine. (not for now I guess)

However, I was really afraid of other people's death... Very much.

Because I don't like losing people.

Even if I hated that person to the very core, I'd still pray for their well being. I think I might even shed a few tears for them if any of them died.  I just don't like death around me.

These few days, alot of deaths have been happening.

Just yesterday, was a road accident on Federal Highway. If you haven't heard about it, let me enlighten you.

It all began when a motorcyclist stopped at the side of the highway because there was something wrong with his bike. Then three other kind hearted motorcyclists saw this incident and decided to help him.

Half way through, a Honda City just shot through the whole scene and crashed into the motorcyclists and motorcycles. The Honda City lost control apparently but it wasn't stated due to what reason. If I wasn't mistaken, three of them died straight on the scene.

After that, a BMW saw the accident and wanted to stop and help. There were two people in the car, so both of them came out.

Suddenly, a motorcyclist who was not aware of what was happening, came out of no where and crashed into one of the BMW passengers and both of them died instantly.

News from
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This was definitely a freak show. A freak accident. I felt so afraid after hearing the news.

Afraid when I was driving at night, something might just happen to my car and then I'd have to stop at the side of the road. And then motorcyclists who might have been speeding too fast might not be able to see my car and crash into it. And their blood would be on my hands...

 I actually thought of Final Destination 4 the moment my friend broke this tragedy to me.
This was because when I was taking my license, they gave this really long talk about safety and stuff on the streets. All of us were dozing off already until they played this video for us.

It was a clip from Final Destination.

That's how I remembered it so clearly. Cuz they really scared the shit out of us lol.

It's like one thing led to another even in this Federal Highway accident, and these people were innocent. Especially those who wanted to help in the accident. It's just so sad to see that these helpful people died such horrific deaths.

It feels like the bad guy had just won in a movie while the good guy practically died.

Because of this accident, I realised one thing for sure. I was definitely not going to ride my future bike here in Malaysia.
At least not after 8pm when it gets dark.

I really hope that people become more aware on the road, especially cars.

Something I know most people who drive would experience is the 'blind spot' in our side mirrors.
I guess I was lucky because I almost rammed into a bike when changing lanes due to this reason.

Fortunately, the guy was alright but I remember him being from shocked to mad until he actually slammed the top of my car ><

I said sorry really loudly, plus gave all the hand signals, chickened out and then drove away as fast as I could.

Not a really good example to learn from but I'm sure there was some interesting moral value you can learn from it heehe.

However due to this experience, I became better at changing lanes and learned to not panic while doing it. Instead, take my time to look in the mirror, then the side windows to see whether there were any oncoming motorcyclists.

I guess what I'm trying to say is BE EXTRAORDINARILY CAUTIOUS when on the road. Cuz I definitely wouldn't wanna hear a similar case like this happen again, due to carelessness.

So how to prevent it from happening to you?

1. If you ever see an accident happen in the night, do not stop behind the vehicle, instead stop IN FRONT of it.
Alot of people stop behind the accident and motorists behind them wouldn't know what's going on because they can't see the accident. That's why cars or motorcycles sometimes ram into the car which stops because of the sudden halt.

2. Besides that, always remember to on your emergency light when you are about to stop, and not when you have completely stopped, as some motorists may be following you too close to stop in time.

3. Lastly, always stop in the emergency lane if possible, and not in the middle lane or, especially, the fast lane (which in our case is the right side of the lane).

Hope this was useful to the drivers out there :)


What a day..

Bad luck today. Everybody just decided to not turn up after what they told me yesterday. Did not even inform me that anything was cancelled, or that he was going home.

In cantonese, this is called "Fong Fei Kei". FFK for short.

I really hate it when people FFK me without a single text message -.-

At least have the courtesy to send me one freaking text bro.

Seriously, it's just 10 cents and 30 seconds of your life to tell me you can't make it, or not going to be able to make it.

GRRRR.. Sorry I have to be such a bitch and complain about it even though it does not matter already. Even though YOU do not matter already.

Please evaluate yourself before calling someone a bitch. Because unlike you, some people actually have feelings.

I was a fool to think you were someone I could rely on, that you would make me a better person. I was a bigger fool to treat you as a good friend.

But good friends don't place their ego over friends.
So I guess you were never a friend of mine.

Okay I shall just forget it. Sooooooo.. moving on!

What I bought these few days

 Got this fluffy pullover for only RM10!

 All these magazines were only RM1.  Got it from the Times book fair :)
I kinda regret only buying these few now coming to think of it.

 Lamingtons! They are chocolate coated pieces of cake covered in shredded coconut.
I first tried them in Aussie. 
So happy they have it here now :D

Though it's not chocolate on the inside, it still tasted alright I guess? haha

High waist shorts from Bangkok, only RM5, Grey camisole from Forever 21, RM15 and White button up shirt from Bangkok, RM12.
I'm such a cheapo lol.

Overdue picts heh.

That's all for today. Hope I wake up forgetting all the horrible stuff today.

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  1. anyway, this is life, life always unfair :) be patience... lets hope that this does not happen again ^^ dun worry be happy , all will be okay soon :)