Monday, 15 April 2013

Typical Monthly Girl Problems & Tips To Tackle It


Alright as every girl knows, there's a time in the month which your tummy will hurt like crap, and all you wanna do is hug a chocolate bar in one hand and hold a cup of delicious hot chocolate in the other, while lying down on your tummy in front of the TV, watching a nice cheesy movie.

At least that's what I felt like doing today.

I did not even have a single clue that this day would be today.

Yes that's how clueless I am as a girl -.-

All was okay and manageable today until I went to the bathroom and it was like this:

Why can’t periods last just one day? just, like, “hey it’s me, your period. I’m here to let you know you’re not pregnant. but don’t fret, I’ll be gone by morning.”But no. it’s gotta be all “hey it’s me, your period. I’m here to let you know you’re not pregnant. But don’t get too comfortable because I’ll be here all week and fuck your plans to wear those cute white shorts tomorrow.” -ShaniaTwang
Seriously, sometimes I wished they gave us holidays every month for going through this hell of a time. It's bad enough it can happen any time at the moment, and worse of all it hurts so bad you kinda wished you had a dick. 

That's me at least. First few hours, no problem. After 3 hours, the war inside begins.

I just really don't like it especially when your uterus starts to have a mind on its own and decide to make you bleed one week earlier.

With you completely off guard.

That's like going to war without a sword, going for a 4 days camp without food, and going to your grandma's house without your favourite teddy bear. Ok the teddy bear was a joke but I realised I can't sleep without my teddy bear although it ends up on my floor every morning (dunno how it got there meh).

Ya and the another brilliant part about this is when you have no clue that you're already leaking and you bend down. 
In front of a guy friend. 
And you only realise it when you get home, after you're done painting the car seat read.

Life as a girl is incredible and I just gotta LOVE it with all the surprises that come our way. No I'm joking. I wished I could trade this organ with a guy. Maybe send it away as a gift.

Surprise! Here's my uterus. 

Ok now at least I know it's here and after this 5 days I won't have to worry about it anymore. 

For 23 days at least.

And after that the cycle returns to haunt you. It's like your uterus telling you, "Get pregnant already or your life is gonna suck so bad for another 12 months this year I swear on your tummy". And every month, this is the reminder of our terrible curse we have to bear.

Anyways these pictures got me cracking up lol.

It's a wonder how people can be so creative with the process of torture.

 Why can't there be like International Period Day like how there's International Father's Day and Mother's Day. And everybody can mourn together. In fact, all girls should haven their periods on the same day internationally. Then all of us can be equal and not wear anything nice on that day. So then nobody would feel uglier than anyone because all of us are in the same condition, plus not to mention, less competition.

Another thing about periods are, you just get so afraid to wear anything nice at all for 3 days at least.

The first day is when we sense it is about to happen and get ready our armour and shield, hoping for the best.

The second day is when it really happens.

The third day is when it flows like a river.

You see what I mean.
It's impossible to not be ugly on those three days of the month. It's like bruh you wanna wear a suit and tie to war?

Anyways instead of mourning let me give you some tips on how to stop the cramps. Usually I eat a whole Snickers bar and that works for me. But lately, I ran out of Snickers so the only thing closest to it was a Kit Kat bar. That works too I guess. But Snickers are the best! :D

If you want a healthier way instead, Ginger Juice or Ginger Essence works like a charm.

How To Prepare Ginger Juice

1. Peel the ginger and slice it to small pieces (the portion size is up to you but it should be just enough for yourself). For instance, 1/3 of a block of ginger is what my mum used for me.

2. Pound the ginger as this is the best way to get the juice out from it. However if you don't have a pounder, you can actually grate it and squeeze the juice out. 
          **Oh and make sure your ginger piece is fresh, otherwise it will lose it's effect. It shouldn't be stored in the fridge before this.

3. Filter out the ginger remains and pour the juice in a cup.

4. Add some warm water to dilute the spiciness and to make the drink nice and warm.

5. Your Ginger Juice is now ready to be served :D

It's actually a really spicy and tasteless drink, so what I usually do is... DRINK FAST.

That's the best way to finish it, or else if you really can't take the taste of it, you can add green apples, oranges or even carrots to this recipe. 

All you gotta do is juice the fruits and mix the ginger juice and the fruit juice together in the end and serve it warm with some warm water. Some people add sugar syrup in as well to sweeten the ginger juice and make it easier for it to be consumed.

So yep that's it! Picture time~~
Waiting for jam at Taylors, too free.

Waiting for my prince to come one day. LOL

 My OOTD yesterday lol.

That's all, and have a happy period. Hahahaha I'm such an embarrassment to be with I know.

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