Friday, 19 April 2013

Crayon Burger!

So we're back with the burger hype!

Finally managed to get my lazy butt up to actually check out the really popular Crayon Burger and try their famous colourful burgers.

This is how it's signboard looks like, if you have never been there before.

I actually expected the signboard to be super colourful due to it's name, however red worked just as well!

So the inside of the shop was basically all white, but that made the colourful drawings and paintings on the wall inside pop, so you wouldn't miss any of it!
 Just look at how they made their air conditioner look so special. *awe*

And then this wall picture caught my eye too, as I found myself staring at it for a moment, imagining everything inside the picture coming to life, and wondering what the picture actually meant and how did they get the creativity to actually come up with this painting/ drawing/ wall sticker.

Don't believe me?

Just take a good look at it! And let your mind wander to Burger Land~~

Such details.

 Just look at this rainbow ceiling. And all the cute little rainbow burgers.

At first you'd think that the rest of the place is ordinary including their tables and chairs. But here I present you, what I call...
The Candy Cane Table!
Doesn't it just look adorable??

Ok maybe it's a girl-thing that I'm so super duper drawn to the colours and decos of the shop.

But every detail counts right? 

So let's move on to the interesting part now...


I ordered their Classic Crayon, which was probably considered as their most basic burger. But hey, everyone is going back to basics now.

 It came in a cute little basket, resting on top of a piece of paper. 

 It consists of cheddar cheese and lettuce plus a generous amount of  caramelized onions.
Just. Stare. At. The. Cheese.

Doesn't the colour of my bun just remind you of a pink pastel crayon?? :D

I personally was never a big fan of the colour pink, especially pink food.

Before this, to be honest, I was really sceptical about their burgers because of the bright colours of the buns I saw in one of my friend's picture. 

I immediately thought that they used alot of colouring which made their bread the way the colour is. 

I was really concerned about this particular area being the kind of eater who prefers food made the way it is closest to its original state. Basically I like food as original as possible, and processed in a minimal state.

Seriously, who would like to pay to eat something artificial and bad for their health?

However this was totally an exception.
They claimed that the pink bun was actually made from red yeast which makes it's colouring au naturale, thus, not to mention, healthy to be eaten.

There are other colours as well such as red, green, white and black. 

All 100% natural!

Green is basically called the 'vege bun' which explains it all on how it got its colour, while red is just adding more red yeast into the mix, and black is actually a bamboo charcoal bun.

Here are what my friends ordered!
It's all PINK!

 This is called the Zombie burger... Roaaaar...

The fries were not bad, and it was served with cheese sauce! 

 The Hashtag. There's a big piece of hashbrown inside the burger!

Spot the Hashbrown!

When I first tasted the burger, I immediately fell in love with the combination of tastes the veggies gave, especially the caramelized onions. 

Usually burgers in Malaysia would focus more on the taste of the burger patties and the variety of sauces, but seldom the vegetables in it, as many of us Malaysians naturally dislike vegetables.

However, this was definitely a unique quality from Crayon Burger as you slowly realise how much they actually emphasize on healthy eating. 
The burger patty was different from the usual as well, because it wasn't too dense to make you sick of the meat or anything like that, but just enough to fill your tummy. 

Perfect for light eaters!

The feeling of biting into this burger patty was also a complete unexpected experience as it was fried till a perfect crisp on the outside, while the inside was moist and soft. Hence, making it dry enough to put in between the buns but at the same time retaining its moisture.

Another one of their cute drawings with chalk.

Would you just look at their enthusiastic faces.

Oh and did I mention their toilet was really cute?

Even a person who has a bladder about to burst would definitely stop and stare at these rainbow coloured words first!

On top of that, they have really awesome and friendly staff working there too, guaranteed to make you smile as you settle down to wait for your burger. 

Never felt as welcome as I did right here in Crayon Burger!

Ranji and Karen :)

 I even managed to get a shot with them awesome people

They thought I did not know about their bunny-fingers on top of my head.

However, the only sad part is that this is not a meal which everyone would be able to afford on a regular basis, as I felt the price was a bit pricey for a simple burger. 

In a nutshell, if you're just looking for a simple but colourful burger that will bring a smile to your face, this is just the place for you. :)

So what are you waiting for?
Come on down to Crayon Burger and be amazed by their COLOURS now!

Location: 38, Jalan SS15/4, Subang Jaya. It's at the same row as Taylor's CPU building, just keep walking straight down and you will have to take a corner. It is directly opposite a mini food court.
More burgers will be coming this way so stay tuned!

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