Thursday, 25 April 2013

Really Cold Day

Just a quick update on today :)
It was raining the whole night on Wednesday. It was so good to sleep till I did not hear my alarm and my mum had to wake me up. Even after she woke me up, I thought she was joking when she was saying that I had to go for class today.

I actually thought my mum got messed up with her timing.

Cuz the sky was still so dark and I hear the sound of rain.
Plus I love to hear the sound of rain when I'm sleeping.

It's like music to my ears~~

Ok that's all I like about the rain- It's sound when I'm asleep.

Other times, I just hate it because it cancels all your outdoor activities, ruins your clothes, ruins your hair and also ruins your driving experience.

It's so damn hard to drive in the rain I tell you. Especially when the sky is still dark, and all you can see in your side mirrors are bright lights whooshing everywhere.

This was all I saw ._.

Oh well. At least I made it through the blinding lights and got to class just in time.

And that the rain even stopped being so heavy when I reached campus, after the 45 minutes being stuck in the jam. 

Phew. Thought it was end of the world.

I would've regretted going all the way to college to die.

Dying in my cosy little bed with all my furry friends and fluffy pillows surrounding me seemed like a better idea.

Hey what am I talking about, TOUCH WOOD TOUCH WOOD!

Did I mention how hard it is to walk in the rain as well? Everything splashes on your legs. Rain water, sand, mud and even stones.

Hence, my legs were embedded with stones today lol.

Anyways, I decided to wear my fluffy black pullover since it was so cold today.
 Matched it with a pair of distressed shorts (which I DIYed :DD), and a chunky necklace.

Oh and everybody touched me the moment they got close enough to say hi.
Ok that sounded wrong.
It was my pullover they were touching.

Cuz it's superrrrrrrr soft! 

And it wasn't even a single bit hot wearing this black piece of fluff. It actually felt nice and soft throughout the day.

But this will probably be my last time wearing it out cuz it somehow has the words "TOUCH ME" written on it somewhere which I cant see.

This thing is magical I tell you. If you wanna get touched hahah.

Next thing you know, people might start wearing this to clubs.

Ze Moustachei I presente ziu...

But somehow moustaches became too common, everyone now has it!
Therefore I proudly announce to you my new creation...

Ze Magnificento Beardo!
Cuz Moustaches are just too mainstream!
*teary eyed moment of proudness*

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