Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Fitspo Day!

Look. At. Those. Abs. O_O
I want it! Raaawwwrrrr!

I don't know what got to me but I was so motivated to get fit today. I went to the gym, and ran the treadmill.
After about 20 minutes, I was surprised to find myself even more pumped up than tired o.o

Of course I wanted to continue, but then again, I was so tempted to try the other fancy pansy equipments the gym had. 

Heh so I stopped running and tried this equipment where it was supposed to work your back.
It was exactly like this equipment. But do not be fooled by this machine's simplicity. It is actually quite tiring to do.
So after 30 or so times doing it, I decided to move on my exhilarating adventure at the gym.
The next few equipments I tried, were to do with working out your arms -  biceps, triceps, chest and etc.

And I actually used one of the machines wrongly -_-"

Instead of sitting like how the guy in the pict was sitting facing outwards, I sat facing inwards. 
And I was wondering what on earth was wrong with their equipment because the handle was at the wrong side (little did I know I was the one who was so wrong).

My ever-kind-hearted friend who managed to get a good laugh at my moronic sight, only decided to tell me I was doing it all wrong after the whole first floor of the gym managed to catch a good glimpse at me.
At my pathetic sight.

Plus most of them were guys.
So you can guess how embarassing it was.
I basically wanted to be an ostrich the moment I found out I was doing it wrong  from my friend.
I wanted to just bury my head in the ground and wait till all the people had left before coming out, so they wouldn't recognize me if I ever happened to run into any of them while in campus.


Ok I'll stop mourning over spilled milk and move on.

*Deep Breath in*

After that, I tried a few more other things which were not that special or anything I've never seen before in the gym.

So of course I managed to get all of it right and redeem myself from the terrible crime I committed - not knowing how to work a gym equipment before using it in the gym in public.


About one hour plus later, it was time to head to the dance studio at ss15!

So yea basically I do dance. Just that I never really bothered telling anyone about it... Because.....

I kinda suck.

Yes I'm one of those people who were born with two left feet. My coordination between my hands and my feet looks like my hands have never  known the existence of my feet before. And vice versa.
I got a strong feeling I look like this when I dance:

Oh yeaaaaa.... I feel so sexy uhhh!

Now you see why I don't tell anybody ( if I can help it) that I am in my college's dance club.

Imagine if they knew and one day ask me to dance for them. 

Or worse, a dance challenge o.o

My rights and dignity as a respectable living human would be completely stripped off me.

Anyways, I usually go for bboy classes every Tuesday and today was no different. 

I realised I was so weak!

I felt like a wimp, like a pussy, like a....... GIRL -.-

And the thing is, you actually need strength in your arms and abs plus stamina to be able to pull off footworks and power moves. Not to mention freezes.

After only 20 mins through the class, I was already sitting down on the dance floor with my legs flared wide open, sweaty and panting in a defeated manner.

Don't laugh :(

Another reason I don't tell people (especially) the type of dance I learn is because I'm afraid they'll laugh and mock me :(  But I guess I really like bboy and one of the many reasons is because its challenging. And the moment you are able to pull off  a move, you will feel a great sense of achievement like you just built a pyramid out of your own bare hands in the middle of a vast desert with no signs of other living creatures.

That's. How. Awesome. It. Feels.

I kid you not.

After dancing for 3 hours, I felt like I was about to doze off anytime soon.

Plus it was dark and raining cats and dogs (ooooh I'm making use of idioms in my sentence ^^). 

Aaah such a nice ambience to cuddle up and sleep in. 

Unfortunately, I had to drive home all by myself in this dark and cold, wet night. I was already nodding off in the car at every traffic light stop, even though my radio was turned on full blast. To the extent I thought I finally understood what drunk driving actually meant, since all I could see was blurry lights and blinking road signs flashing by.

It was that bad to the point I had to start talking to myself since the radio definitely did not work at all.

Yes I talk to myself when I'm alone in my car. 
And when I feel less tired, I sing to myself  in the car.


Embarrassing facts about me.

Alright I shall end this post with the rest of the things I did today! :D (sorry the first picture had to be so disgusting already)

Woke up to a big, disgusting, revolting zit in the middle of my forehead.
 I think I look like Guan Ying now -.-

Otw to college today. 
You know election season is so ON when you see flags which weren't there the day before appearing magically on every corner of the road.

OOTD :) bought the patterned shorts from MnB and the oversized top from Bangkok.

Our nasi lemak for lunch

Playing Jenga. Look at how retarded our formation looked towards the end.

That's all :D

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