Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A Beautiful Mane

Ok just kidding. These aren't the tresses I'm gonna talk about.

Have you ever felt like you've got your clothes set, your shoes chosen and your face all dolled up when you suddenly realise that you have no idea what to do with your hair?

I have :(

And I still remember the occasion from 2 years ago. It was during prom. I had everything prepared and was all set to go when I realised I did not know what in the world can I do with my hair. I only tied it up into a ponytail during school days. And other times, I just let it down no matter where I went.

So basically in all my life, you can say that I only knew the existence of two hairstyles. Hair up into a ponytail, and hair down.

Now it wasn't because I did not want to try something different with my hair. It was because every time I watched a tutorial on youtube and then tried doing it, my hair would  turn out to be a complete different hairstyle.

So today I decided to give it another try and see what happens (fingers crossed ><)
At last I managed to do a fish tail braid! *crowd cheers*

It wasn't that difficult either :D

All you needed was a brush, rubber bands and some hair accessories to do the braid.

Hehe so this was my first attempt:

 Small braids at both sides.

I wanted to do a side fishtail hair braid, but unfortunately my hair was too layered and there were many baby hairs popping out here and there like they were playing peek a boo :/

My kinda failed side braid. After the fifth attempt haha

And finally.. The waterfall braid which I always wanted to learn! I did not managed to do it for myself but I did it on my sister's hair hehe. 

Her hair is super shiny right O.O 
She's only 9 so I guess she still has that soft baby hair texture.
 Lucky her ahaha.

Now that I know how to do something with my hair, I would certainly be very glad to try styling my hair for college. xD 

And the next time I cut my hair, I would definitely not go for any layered hair styles anymore. So annoying when tying up my hair in braids.  

oooh I want my hair to be like this!
And my face too lol. SO FRIGGIN PERFECT.
She looks like she just stepped out from photoshop.

Maybe I'll learn some of the other easy hair styles next week if I'm still free. First assignment was already given :( 

Poor me.

Oh and anyone wants a 2 in one hair and cap to block out the sun?

^^ this is so cool.

Alright tata! :))

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