Wednesday, 17 April 2013


So I was really busy yesterday. I came back at 9pm and only had my dinner then. When I finished showering and all it was already 10.30pm.

I showered for half an hour lol.

And it's not because I love it (c'mon who in their right mind would love showering.. urgh), but because I move very sloooooowlyyyyy when I shower.

Do I look like I love showering?

I mean there's no other explanation to it o.o there was once I timed myself and tried my best to shower fast but I ended up with 20 minutes. And that was like a rushed shower. The kind you would wanna take when you know earth hour is within minutes and your mum would immediately off all the lights including your bathroom. Ok my mum doesn't do that but that was just merely an example.

Oh I've got another example.

It's like when you know a new episode of How I Met Your Mother is going to start showing and you  have to shower as fast as possible. I've only watched 3 episodes of that show though (cuz there was nothing else on TV at that moment).

Yep that's me at full speed in the shower. I'm like a snail dragging myself in the water.

OK let's move on.

Moving on, today was another good day! I finally got to spend time with the people I have missed and haven't been seeing for a long long time.

And today made me realise that..

Overdepending on somebody is not good for you or that person. It is unfair for both parties because both of you live a separate life. And you can't just expect the other person to live your life for you and forget his/hers.
This does not necessary mean I'm talking about boy-girl relationships, it is the same for perhaps a best friend, a sister, brother or even your parents if you're really close to them ( like that girl in America's Next Top Model college edition.. Geez she talks about her mum like she is talking about her life partner *shudders*)

Don't get me wrong, I love my parents a lot and I even sometimes try to imagine life without them, which turned out terribly terrible in my mind. But there's a limit to it and you must know how to DRAW THE LINE.

Do not cross the line! 
Even a hamster knows.

Back to the topic, space is important so that people do not get confused and lose track of their own lives. For instance, no matter how much you love that person, that person isn't always gonna be there for you, face it. You might probably wake up from a nightmare in the middle of the night and don't tell me you expect your bestie or BF or GF to be by your side then. 

Sometimes, it is hard to let go but you must always remember that the other person is not your slave and in no way signed a contract to be yours for eternity. Alright of course if you're married this is an exception and you get to wake up to your wonderful hubbie/wifey and they will hug you and rock you to sleep and kiss you good night.

But I doubt that will continue to happen after 1 year of marriage. 

I guess as kids, we all wish that we can get that happy ending we always read from storybooks, and from the cheesy romance movies we would watch. The thing is, this is reality and when the shit gets real, it gets REAL.

For me, I always kinda depended on my bf for support and happiness and basically my entire emotion as a person would be in his hands. The thing was, I started to realise that I always expected him to just pop out of no where like a fairy godmother, when I'm in a bad mood or when I needed someone to talk to. 

But no it did not happen that way. 

And I guess I had to learn from the hard way that life is, as cliched as it sounds,  how you live it. Not how another person lives it for you. 

We can't put our entire being into the hands of another and bet on that person to be there for you 365 days a year. We can't bet that the person would always make choices in life which will please you and make you happy. We can't bet that the person would always do what you want them to do. We can't bet that the person would always be the way we want them to be.

When you depend on someone too much, this is where hurt and pain would come in the picture one day.

This is because you may lose that person one day.

Imagine all the emotions of anger and hurt that will engulf you at that point of time.

Some things cannot be helped and all we can do is just adapt to whatever which is changed, whatever which is lost.

I guess all in all it just comes down to this: Happiness is not something given, it's something chosen

When you choose to be happy, you're happy.
So smileeeee to a better life!:)) Where we create our own happiness and depend on ourselves instead of others. 

Alrightyyy I shall not bore anyone with anymore of my words now.

Had fun with filters today haha

 My confused face lol


The end~~~

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