Saturday, 20 April 2013

Out & About With the Family

So today was a nice day I would say. I started my day with lunch.

Yes I woke up that late.

But lunch was awesome.

You must be thinking I'm such a weird girl. Talking about food all the time like in 3 quarts of my posts. I can't help it though.. It's just that when I eat something really delicious, I have to share it out right???

Sharing is caring ma... LOL

Guess where I went for lunch :DDDD

Citarasa Seafood Market Steamboat!!! It's this place at the hypermarket called NSK. Heard of it before?

Maybe not.

But this place is really HAPPENING. It's freaking huge and they actually separated the restaurant to two parts, the dining area and the mini seafood market.

The mini seafood market is where people are able to choose what they want for their steamboat.

The entrance to the mini market.

And when they said they sold seafood....
 They weren't joking.

 Look at the many types of prawns they have here.

 This was like the biggest prawn I saw there. And it RM13 for a piece! 
More expensive than a plate of chicken chop (at kopitiams)


 All the different types of meat they had there.

 All the different types of fish cakes and fish balls. And etc.

 Welcome to the green parade.

 All that we chose and ordered.

Ours as well.

Before I scare anyone away, our family weren't the only ones eating, my uncles and aunts came too. So there were actually ten of us. 

Hence the astonishing amount of food we had.

The place was really cool because this was the first time in my midgety years I've been to a steamboat place which was seafood-complete!
Even the usual places which are famous for their steamboat did not have this kind of variety.

Maybe the most they would give and claim as 'seafood' would be a tiny piece of fish.

That's all.

But here you have an unending variety of fishes, squids, oysters, crabs, lobsters, clams and prawns to choose from. I wonder which category does a geoduck fall into though o.o

This is the aquarium side where people can actually order it live so that it's really fresh to eat.

 Yep I included the price in my picture on purpose.

Alright to be honest I kinda pitied all the sea creatures there to the point I had to say a mini prayer for them all.

I guess it's just not fair that they have to stay in the aquarium and wait for death while watching all their friends die of suffocation when the workers come to take them out of the water for an order.

Till now I don't really know whether fishes have feelings.. but I'm sure any living creature would have this quality right?

I know plenty of places put their fishes like that in the aquarium and only fish them out when they need to cook the fishes. But sometimes I really wonder, can human beings be less cruel to their food?:(

As a kid, I always LOVED looking at all these fishes in the aquarium when all the adults are eating and I find them a bore to be with.
They kinda made me happy in any of the restaurants I was at.

However, now when I think deeper into it... I just find it really screwed up.

But I guess I can't change anything.

I mean this is just a tiny little problem compared to all the other abuse and cruelty cases there are out there.

Alright this is kinda sad so let's move on to something happier.

Time to cook :D

 The soup is divided into two sides. Tom Yam Soup on the left and Chicken Soup on the right.

 Flower crabs... I just love the colour o.o It's blue!

This fish is called the Pomfret. 
And look they also clean and cut the fish nicely for you here!

 My parents were calling this "dao dai" all the way.
Thats the cantonese name for it. The malay name for it is ikan bawal tambak.
I don't know the english name lol.

These both are my favouriteeees.

 The blue crab turned orange. Fascinating... 
The crab was average I guess, because the meat was a bit powdery and not smooth like how fresh crabs are suppose to have that texture. My dad said that it was imported apparently, that's why it's so big but of course the freshness had to be sacrificed.

 I loved the Dao Dai/ Ikan Bawal. Now this was fresh!

The prawns were great too. It was sweet :D

So another great thing about this place was that most of their fishes are sea fishes, prawns too. It is all from the sea not the river, that's why they taste superb, without that hint of muddy smell a river fish would normally have.

I must admit I can't bear river fishes.
I know, I know, called me spoilt, a brat or whatever you want, but growing up, my dad was always a huge fan of seafood so he naturally bought sea fishes for us all the time. 

And I remember the first time I ate a river fish. It was horrible. I took one bite and it tasted like it was marinated in mud and fish waste to me.

Let me just add, I wasn't the only one. My sisters were all equally disgusted as well. Haha only my dad managed to take it like a man. And we ended up passing all of our portions to him.

So yes, we can conclude that I can't stand most river fishes.

 Some are still ok to me though, if they cook it the right way or if it is fried.

What happens when my sister takes a picture for me.
They just choose the most unflattering angle and tell you your face is the problem
I can find so many flaws in this picture but I guess I wouldn't state any of it. Just in case nobody realised anything, and then I accidentally make them realise the problems because of stating it.

Shush Ivena.

Oh and what I wore today. I have never touched this shirt before.

Literally I have never once wore it out because... It was too long (nope it definitely wasn't because of my height problem)
No way.

Fine... It is.
The shirt was so long it could completely cover my butt and made me look like I had a long body without a butt. Like literally.

So I sent the shirt to its doom.
Gave it to my sister. But well..she isn't that tall... Pfft... I'm almost her height like pretty much.. 
I'm just a head shorter than her.
See told you I was almost there.

Anyways today I finally wore it because I found a way to wear it! (like duhh)

By tucking it in!
Lol. Bet none of you would have ever thought of that huh...
No no I'm just joking!

 Just a normal shirt with pattern printed shorts.

After the steamboat, went to the hypermarket for awhile to shop for veggies, meat and household stuff.
Needed to desperately restock our supplies.

I think I look abit surprised here. and Idk why.

Hmmm I wonder whether he's thinking about me...

Haha alright that's all. Hope it wasn't picture overload or anything like that for this post. Soooooo tired. 

Bed time!

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