Saturday, 13 April 2013

Green Skies and Blue Grass

Just an ordinary weekday with tonnes of things going on in my head. Saturdays are always the best days to rest and not forgetting, RUSHING LAST MINUTE WORK .

But today I don't really have much work because my lecturers have not given me any to do yet. Alright coming to think of it I have two essays to finish o.o Oh no.
Oh well I'll just do it tomorrow.

I know I'm such a procrastinator. I hate doing work.

Especially work that consist essays. Essays are just so not my thing :(

They are sooooo hard to write because lecturers always expect the best in your essay. They expect you to write a beautiful introduction no matter how boring the topic is. (ok I can't think of any boring topic now to give you an example but that doesn't mean there's no such thing as a boring topic)

And after you write your beautiful intro with all the words in the english dictionary you can muster, you realize you have four more paragraphs to go just to finish it. I don't know how people do it, but I could never finish my english essay in a test with any extra time left to recheck it for mistakes. I always had to use the entire one hour to finish everything. And usually, I would only start my conclusion at the last two minutes. With sentences that look like I just constructed it out of  'word vomit'.
And this is how I think my essay looks like in the end.
vomit party!!!

Ok ew that was disgusting hahah. So today I finally decided to paint my nails since my mum was home with nothing to do (muahahahahaha). My mum is really good at painting nails and doing all those artsy stuff.

When I was younger she used to make doll houses out of tissue boxes for me. That includes the furniture. Yup she's that creative. My dad is so lucky to have her. Every year she gives him really special cards and that was during the 1980s. I knew about the cards because when we were moving house, I had to unpack everything form her drawers and cupboards. Then I came across this rectangular purple in colour card, so I opened it and was amazed o.o 

To the max.

It was a 3D pop up card made out of this hard transparent plastic card with words pasted on it saying Happy Birthday to my dad. Let's just put it this way, you have to see it to believe it. 

Unfortunately I don't know where it is now so ya no picts for it :/
Just you wait till I get my hands on it.

So my mum decided to try something a little different today for me (I'm like a guinea pig for her creativity) and tada!

 Don't my nails remind you of the ocean? Haha she kinda did a faded effect for me.

So since I felt so 'Ocean Like' today, I decided to go to the pool and swim instead of the gym. Cuz swimming is a great way to workout your entire body too :D

 But I realised I could only swim one lap without giving up -.-

I tried like five times and all four times I decided oxygen was more important to my body than trying to burn fats from it with accidental chlorine drinkage. 

My youngest sis. So cute right.

My other sis acting dead because I wanted to take a pict of her.

And she finally emerges from the water!

Because real swimmers take photos of every experience at the pool. LOL

Came home to two desperate dogs deprived from walking.

And NO Nickey is not a female. 

He just had to wear the pink harness because my other female dog wouldn't wear it.
What a bitch xD She was too shy to even come out for a walk with it man.
So of course Nickey had to wear it. Cuz he's just so vain. And he loves the harness I tell you.
Every dog's favourite spot.

After that, it was dinner time! As usual, it was my favourite time of the day because all I love to do is eat eat eat and eat. 
Sadly I had to have dinner by myself cuz my parents and my sis wanted to go to this night market at Setia Alam. 

So I had to prepare my own dinner.
Ever wished you could just eat pasta at home without having to soak the pasta till it gets soft and cook the sauce? Ever wanted to prepare a meal for your boyfriend or girlfriend but did not know how to cook?

Fret not, San Remo is here to the rescue.

I'm a sucker for cheese......

How inside of the packet looks like.

And all you have to do is follow the instructions behind the packet!
Just add a cup of hot water and some milk plus a teaspoon of butter inside a bowl.
Then just dump the contents of the packet in and you're good to go to the next step.

I know it looks watery but the macaroni will absorb the water so that it'll become soft. Plus the water and milk will serve as the sauce later on.

Microwave-ing time! You have to set it for 10 minutes and then make sure to stir occasionally.

And finally the end product! VOILA~~~~
My mac & cheese all done in just a couple of minutes :)

So ya this instant pasta is like the next best thing to instant noodles. 
You get to have it French! 

You can say all my swimming went to waste because of this whole bowl of mac :(
So much carbs.. Sigh.

It's ok I'll just have to swim tomorrow too! Yes I'm motivated and shall not be lazy!


Signing off now :) 

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